Our Purpose

To be in the service of God…

Our purpose is to be in the service of God for the benefit of Humanity, that humanity may grow and unfold in Love & Light

To be in the service of God means that all that we do here at The Love & Light Store will be guided and inspired by God, infused with the Love & Light that is God.

…for the benefit of Humanity

The Human experience is one of insanity, infected with the egoic perception of lack and separation. People are trapped in the egoic mantra: “I am not enough and there is not enough” and so they move through life trying not to get hurt.

Fear, worry and doubt, projected by the ego is the order of most individuals day. They live from that place, the move from that space. And they constantly try to reach out into the world to get that which they think they need and deserve.

The purpose of the Love & Light Store is to assist humanity to wake up from this illusory reality.

It is time for humanity to wake up

The time has come for humanity to wake up from the deep sleep. The time has come to step out of the murky shadows into the Divine light.

We are infinite spiritual beings. Incarnated here on earth to have a human incarnation that we may move into higher and higher levels of consciousness. In other words, we are here to continuously wake up to that which is True and Real.

To be in the service of God, for the benefit of Humanity is the purpose of The Love & Light Store. As we have come to know our purpose, we have translated that into a mission. A mission of creating a loving Sanctuary for the awakening individual.

A safe place where individuals may be explore and deepen their realization of that which is True and Real.

A secure place where they are embraced, moved and guided to grow and unfold in Love & Light.

Thank you for being you and for taking part in this adventure

It is our deepest desire that you will feel as though you have come home here at The Love & Light Store and we feel blessed to have been given our mission, our purpose and our intention to serve God, humanity and the planet in Love & Light.

We want to extend the warmest of thanks to you for taking active and conscious part in this adventure. Without the participation of awakening individuals such as yourself The Love & Light Store would not be able to serve in the way we are meant to serve.

So, we thank you for being you, for being where you are and for having made the decision to go where you are going.