There is only perfect order in the cosmos

In the infinite mind of God there is nothing but perfect order. Everything that happens, happens according to a Divine pattern

In the whole of cosmos, there is only perfect order. Every appearance of coincidence, chance and haphazardness is only an illusion. Due to our strictly limited perspective as humans.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos

In the infinite mind of God there is nothing but perfect order. Everything that happens, happens according to a Divine pattern.

A pattern that cannot be seen or detected by any of our limited human senses. It can only be realized through insight and realization.

We may, however, catch a glimpse of it by turning our attention to the flowing of the ebb and tide. To the comings and goings of the seasons.

Also to the fact that sunshine always follows rain and rain always follows sunshine as well as the circular movements of the earth and other planets around the sun and so forth.

The Chaos Theory explains that there is no chaos – only order

In layman’s terms, the chaos theory in substance says that if we can step far enough away from any situation we will find the implicate order behind that particular situation.

The stage of puberty in us humans is a great example of this.

This seemingly chaotic period in an individual’s life is a necessary stage of the maturation process for that individual.

If puberty for some reason is interrupted or disturbed it will affect the process as a whole. So this particular phase in an individuals life may seem chaotic.

Seen from a larger perspective though, it is a necessary part of the whole process of maturing as an adult. And from that perspective, there is nothing chaotic about puberty at all.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited

Individuals are starting to wake up to the fact that there are universal laws governing our existence.

The much spoken about Law of Attraction is one of the most popular of these laws, as it explains that we through the power of our minds have creative faculties equal to God.

The time of playing the role of the victim is passing since awareness of these laws gives us the mandate to exercise control over what experiences come into our lives.

Although not experiences are brought about by the human aspect of our beings (there are various openings as to why things manifest as they do, it is well to remember that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited.

This means, that on some level, spiritual or human, we have invited each and every one of our experiences.

Now, we may not always desire all of our experiences, but as there is only order – they serve a meaning and a purpose to us. In other words, we may not always get all that we want, but we always get what we need.

The Holy Now allows us to catch insights into this order

And so, even though we may not always see the perfect order nor the meaning behind that which happens in our lives, by becoming still, moving deep into the Holy Now, going online with God and by actively releasing our egoic structures we may deepen our surrender and get a sense, a feeling tone of the presence of this order.

The still small voice within us is whispering to us to let go of our need to control. That we instead may surrender to the will and grace of God.

It urges us to trust that all that happens, even when we cannot see it, is always for our good.

God is forever for us never against us. And so God’s deepest desire is for each and every one of us to come into forever greater and grander expressions of our own unique and perfect soul.

To this end, God loves us, cherishes us, appreciates us and supports us fully and completely.

The spiritual practices of meditation, visioning, and affirmative prayer allows for us to continuously move to higher and higher vantage points.

Where we may enjoy higher, greater and wider perspectives into the true nature of reality. Beyond the egoic illusion, beyond fear, worry, and doubt.

Let’s give thanks for all

As we learn to trust and have faith in the implicate order of the cosmos, we learn to be grateful for all.

Realizing that all truly is working for our good allows for us to let go of our need to control other people and circumstances.

We learn to give thanks for all knowing that all is good and very good.


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