Panache Desai: applying spirituality in life and business

Applying Spirituality

In their first conversation Panache Desai and Kelly McNelis from Women For One were talking about authenticity. They talked about how to align our personality with our soul. In this the follow up conversation the main topic is applying spirituality in every area of our lives.

Applying spirituality is going beyond spiritual dogmas of what an awakening individual should be like. It is learning to release any sense of “should” and just allow our hearts to guide us into being who we are. It is going beyond resisting that which is. And in doing so, becoming more loving and compassionate rather than judgmental and opinionated. Especially toward ourselves.

The mainstream spiritual conversation is misdirected

The spiritual conversation around the world is still focusing on us having to be something or to achieve something. It speaks mainly about the spiritual aspect of spirituality rather than the human aspect. It seems the spiritual community has forgotten that we have both and therefore need to integrate both into our practice.

This, obviously may bring stress and anxiety into an awakening individual. The conclusion for many individuals then, is that there is sort of something they need to live up to. They need to be as spiritual as possible while forsaking their human aspect. This creates conflict within them.

However the true spiritual path is not about us having to learn new habits in order to fit in into a spiritual stigma. The spiritual path is about lovingly and compassionately surrender to and allow ourselves to let go and release that which does no longer serve us. Furthermore, it is about us allowing ourselves to be that which we are while striving to consciously grow and unfold.

In doing so we continuously intend to make welcome greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge. We are not here to making anything happen. Quite the opposite, we are here to make welcome that which perennially is seeking to happen through us.

Spirituality is about becoming more loving and compassionate – with ourselves first and foremost

Let’s remember that God is Love and pure Light. And so applying spirituality is about loving, embracing and cherishing that which we are. With all our foibles and personal quirks. And so it is about allowing and loving them that we may release them.

We are all unique and perfect expressions of God. Not only when we are able to be loving and compassionate and not only when we engage in affirmative prayer or meditation but always.

Our worth is constant and infinite. As we come to realize this freedom starts to occur. This is the true application of spirituality.

Join Panache Desai and Kelly McNelis in this beautiful conversation. If you missed the first conversation you may find it here.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
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