The Love & Light Store’s purpose

The purpose of The Love & Light Store is to be sanctuary for the awakening individual. To us that means two things; firstly we strive to be a community where individuals can gather and unite to inspire and empower each other to grow and unfold in Love & Light. Secondly at The Love & Light Store you will find, not only our own originated work and collections, but also the work of most of the spiritual teachers and luminaries from all over the world. This will include, books and movies as well as online courses, live streaming from their talks and services, live interactions and so on and so forth. All for the edification of each unique soul that have incarnated onto this planet.

The word awakening implies that the process of awakening is infinite and continuous. There is really no beginning or end to our conscious awakening. We simply move from one level to the next.

How do you know whether you are awakened or not? Simple! If you feel compelled by that which we have to offer here at The Love & Light Store, then you have begun to awaken.

Our purpose to be a sanctuary for the awakening individual may sound as though we distinguish between individuals which we of course do not. Everyone is welcome here at The Love & Light Store. It simply means that those who have not yet awakened will most likely have no interest in becoming a part of our community. Our doors are wide open for anyone but if your intrinsic desire to wake up has not been activated within you, you will probably not feel the magnetic pull by that which we offer. If, however, you do feel drawn to what you find here – that means that the desire to have a closer realization of that which is Real has been activated within you.

It is our deepest desire that you will feel as though you have come home here at The Love & Light Store and we feel blessed to have been given our mission, our purpose and our intention to serve humanity and the planet in Love & Light.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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