Our intention

Our intention

As our intention is to be a forever expanding and an increasingly powerful conduit for Gods Love & Light on the planet – we are forever seeking to expand beyond our present expression, continuously surrendering to and allowing for the next great version of The Love & Light Store to emerge in and through us.

The path of unfolding is as infinite as God. This means that there really is no beginning nor end. There is never a final destination to be reached.

In the light of this, we realize that the unfolding of The Love & Light Store is an infinite process as well. And so, at The Love & Light Store, we continue to make ourselves increasingly open, receptive and available.

So that the next grander version of The Love & Light Store continuously may come to and through us. With ease, grace, and dignity. We make welcome for a version in total harmony with our mission and our purpose as best as we can interpret them.

We make ourselves increasingly open, available and receptive

As our purpose decrees, we are to be of service to God for the benefit of Humanity. This means that we are to help infuse Humanity with consciousness, the Love & Light of God that  humanity may wake up from the insanity that is the human experience.

This purpose flows through all that we do, all our interactions, all of our endeavors and all of our activities. That awakening individuals may be inspired and empowered to keep awakening. And to inspire and empower those on the verge of awakening to let go and step into the Light.

That purpose has translated into our mission to be a loving Sanctuary for the awakening individual. In carrying out this mission we constantly need to surrender to the next stage of our evolution. We need to continuously make ourselves open and available that we may catch, within, the next greater and grander version of The Love & Light Store.

We seek to be open and available to be forever and increasingly guided by God

As we move along the path of growth and unfolding of The Love & Light Store, we know of course that we are not here to make anything happen. That we are not the cause of The Love & Light Store’s growth and unfolding. Rather we are merely the opening, the channel through which the newer versions of The Love & Light Store will emerge.

The Love & Light Store is a living entity. She has a life of her own, generating a forever expanding field of Love & Light in the world.

We have placed ourselves in the loving hands of God, we have declared that we are willing to be guardians and caretakers of it, but we know full and well that we are not responsible for its growth and unfolding.

And so, The Love & Light Store is a forever expanding and increasingly powerful conduit for God’s Love & Light on the planet. As is our intention.

We are blessed to be a part of this journey and we give thanks for having been selected for this mission.