Order emerges out of chaos; by Daniel Roquéo

There is only Divine perfect order in the cosmos. Things never just happen but they always happen just.
Daniel Roquéo, founder of The Love & Light Store

Out of chaos, order emerges. Always – as there is nothing but order in the cosmos. Recently I had an experience that only served to integrate this even deeper into my being.

A new opportunity

It is interesting to notice how I always find myself sort of dumbfounded whenever the order emerges out of a seemingly chaotic situation. It’s like I keep forgetting that Divine order is all there is.

Recently a man called me and asked me to meet with him for a job interview. I had been at my old job for about two years and I was quite happy working there.

However, about a year back I had been in touch with this particular man about maybe coming to work for him. Things didn’t work out back then. And so when he now called me I accepted his invitation to come to see him.

So I went and met with him. It was a beautiful meeting.

Vibrationally we seemed to be in alignment. We connected beautifully and lovingly. And at the end of that meeting, I was overwhelmed by what great workplace he seemed to be running.

I told him that I would love to come work for him and so we agreed.

There were still some small details that needed to be worked out, but my still small voice informed me that leaving my old job for this new one was the right thing to do so I had no concerns about not having them worked out before we hugged in agreement.

Out of chaos…

The main thing that needed to be worked out was my new working schedule. For various reasons I did not receive it until about a week before I was to start the new job.

It turned out that I would be working a lot more hours for close to equal pay as my previous job.

Which was not at all in alignment with my family life, nor the vision for my life.

We discussed it back and forth but it turned out that it could not be changed. And so, what seemed to be the perfect job turned now seemed very negative for both me and my family.

I could see no way out of it. Yet I knew that there are gifts and blessings hidden everywhere and so I kept giving thanks for this challenge and what it would reveal.

A few days ago I started this job. I immediately knew that I could not stay there.

Not only because of the working schedule but I felt as though the workplace was out of alignment of some sorts. Just being there almost made me feel sick.

I knew I would not last long there and still keep soaring on high frequencies.

…order emerges

Yesterday, after dropping the kids off at school I finally got some alone time. It had been a few days since I had an opportunity to turn within.

And so this was a precious moment of reconnecting with God.

As I have learned to do whenever a challenge arises I got still and asked what my lesson was in this; what was seeking to emerge, and what good was here that I could not yet see.

I knew there is Divine order, I just couldn’t see it.

The answer I got was both terrifying and relieving. It came crystal clear though. The reason why this job opportunity had come my way was so that I would choose to set myself free again.

Free to follow my path.

A few years back I had run my own business, but I closed it down due to our family moving to another country. Upon returning to Sweden I took employment to get us started again.

Now, it was time to spread my wings and fly again. Now it is time for me to let go of the limited perception that I need to be employed for our family to make it financially.

It took me that day to integrate the insight. The Divine order had been revealed to me. I knew I had to surrender to it.

And I gratefully did.

God is the source of all my supplies

And so, out of what seemed to be chaos and calamity, the Divine order was revealed to me. I was guided to this new employment, only to realize that I need not be employed.

Not by any other than God. God truly is the source of all my supplies. Which actually is a theme I have been working with for the last couple of months.

Turning from the world being the source, to God being the source. Realizing that whenever good flows into my life, it does not ever come from the world.

It may come through the world and through people. But the source of it all is always God.

Realizing this, placing my trust in this, and taking that leap of faith – that is the Divine order behind these events.

God is forever for me, always working for my good

I am so grateful for this experience. I am so grateful for who I am and for what my life has become about.

Thank you, God, for guiding me to turn away from fear, worry, and doubt and turn toward you.

For, helping me dive deeper and deeper into that which is true and real. Relying more on God than on fear, that I may evoke the sacred laws to work for me rather than against me.

Thank you for helping me see through your eyes that I may see the order even in the midst of chaos.

Had this been a year or so back, I would have freaked out and turned this experience into a whole drama.

I am so grateful that I have learned to turn within and seek the good in all that happens. For there is always good in all that happens.

God’s will truly is for greater expression of all of Life. Which means that we all are to grow and unfold. To surrender to the new and expanded that is always seeking to emerge in and through us.

Releasing and letting go of the small and old.

New order emerging

I think this has been a lifechanging experience for me. I think that a new version of me has been born.

A version a little freer of fear, worry, and doubt. I mean, after having this experience (which is only one among many), how can I ever not trust the Divine order? Ever again?

I feel that the magnitude of this experience is far beyond what I can imagine. There is a new order emerging within me.

An order where faith, gratitude, and peace will increasingly be the order of my day, of my mind – of my LIFE.

Fear – be gone. Worry – be gone. Doubt – be gone.

There is no need for any of you anymore. You may have served me well in the past. But where I am going, there is no place for you.

My God, such a blessing it is to be on this journey of awakening and liberation. Thank you God for having put me on this path.

With much Love & Gratitude
Daniel Roquéo


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