Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

If you are reading this post you may know that there are universal laws governing our cosmos. You may have heard expressions and statements such as, “we are creating our reality all of the time“.  “That which you think about comes into manifestation.” Thoughts are an attractive force.”Things don’t just happen, they happen just.” Or that “Nothing comes into our experience uninvited“.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

What all of these statements (and many others) point to is the Truth that there is no such things as chance. In all of the cosmos there is no happenstance, no haphazardness, no luck (nor bad luck). That all of cosmos is subject to universal laws and that there is only perfect order in the cosmos.

You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction which is one of these universal laws. It states in substance that like attracts like. Energy with one vibrational frequency attracts (and is attracted to) energy with corresponding vibrational frequency.

There is never any need for self guilt or self blame

Having heard statements such as “nothing comes into our experience uninvited” may bring about wonder and a sense of guilt and shame. “How did I attract these negative experiences into my life”?

The laws are not personal however. Negative experience are not brought about because of personal flaw or fault. And so we would, with this post, like to offer some insights as to how and why we create that which we create. Hopefully this may alleviate some personal blame, shame and guilt.

It is true that we, with our thoughts, create our lives. It is equally true that today’s experience is the physical manifestation of the thoughts of yesterday. And so we need to be aware that nothing does come into our experience uninvited.

However there are several dimensions to the challenges that we experience while having this human incarnation.

We always need to remember that our purpose is to grow and unfold. To continuously surrender to, and allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us. We are here not to have a human experience. However we are here to have a human incarnation. In that incarnation we are to become more of True selves, never less.

We are not here to get what we want, but that which we need

We also always need to remember that absolutely everything is working for our personal and collective good. God is always for us, never against us.

From that perspective all challenges and seeming problems we encounter are uniquely designed for us to assist us in our awakening. Even those that come seemingly uninvited.

From this awareness we always want to bless and be grateful for everything that comes into our lives – because within it there is always a transformational gem waiting to be discovered and used.

In this post we will be going through 4 openings through which experiences are invited into our lives. Now we don’t claim that these are the only openings for uninvited experiences to come through. We are dealing with an infinite universe and so there are likely to be an infinite number of openings as well.

These  four are just to offer and explanation as to how and why our experiences are brought about.

The first opening for the uninvited: Fear

The average individual is living with an ego largely unchecked. They have not yet become aware that they have an ego and so fear, worry and doubt is a predominant state of mind for them.

Whether it is that they fear illness, lack, loneliness or something else, the thoughts of that which they fear is incessantly with them most of the time.

All of our thoughts are units of mental energy vibrating at different frequencies. Where there is an vibrational match the Law of Attraction kicks in.

Our predominant thoughts i.e. our predominant vibration create the greatest attractive power.  As an individual has the mental habit of thinking of or fearing illness and sickness, then that is the predominant vibrational message that they send off to God.

Now vibration is the foundation of attraction and so God can only respond by delivering more of illness and sickness to this individual.

The second opening for the uninvited: Lessons

As we descended onto this planet we did so fully knowing what we needed to experience here, in order to keep growing and unfolding.

Our soul had a clear idea of what we needed to resolve and release during our incarnation on earth. In other words, there is a plan for us to encounter certain experiences that we need in order for us to learn that which we need to learn.

For the edification of our souls, these experiences were created in order for us to grow and unfold. There are qualities, gifts and talents within us, that we are to discover and cultivate.

Once we have discovered and cultivated that we we were to learn, we move onto new lessons. In the light of this opening we may say that we create experiences to help us and really move us along the path of growth and unfolding. Whether these experiences are “good” or “bad” they serve that purpose.

The more we may practice non-attachment to experience that come into our lives, the easier these lessons become for us to learn. We still need to learn them but the learning is not accompanied by gnashing or grinding of teeth.

Rather the come with more of a sweet embracing. A sense of being grateful for us getting to learn that which we need to learn.

The third opening for the uninvited: Blessings

All of life share the same purpose which is to know God and reveal the face of God. We are all infinite spiritual beings. Infinite meaning that we have never really been born and we will never really die. We just move through different dimensions and states of form on our path of growth and unfolding.

Our being here on this planet is no accident or happenstance. It is through the conscious choice of our souls. Oftentimes they made the decision to incarnate here on earth to help the human race to evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness.

And so they bring forth particular experiences to help other individuals discover and cultivate qualities. Qualities such as love, compassion, forgiveness or generosity. Or that they may move into higher perspectives, activating their intuition or Right seeing.

These souls sometimes appear to be in tragic circumstances that would appear to be the cause of a lot of suffering. Such as child born with some disease or disorder. The premature passing of an individual. Or they incarnate as individuals that really catalyst the masses into to higher levels of consciousness.

Although on the surface these conditions and individuals seem bad or negative. They are sometimes consciously created for the edification of the soul of another individual or the collective human soul.

The fourth opening for the uninvited: The collective inner reality

The fourth opening has to do with the human collective belief system. That is to say, the illusion that is the human condition. As long as there is a collective belief of lack and separation in humans, there will have to be experiences that support that belief.

There cannot be a primary inner vibration in people without it’s corresponding match in the world of appearances. As long as people live in the illusion that there is lack, there will have to be an out picturing of that belief. As long as people believe in sickness and disease there will be the manifestation of that.

In other words. Just as each an every one of us has our own inner reality being reflected in our own lives, the collective human inner reality is always being displayed on a global scale.

It is as it is and it is always good

All of these openings serve as a reminder to never judge or place blame whenever we encounter some seemingly negative experience. The human mind can never fully grasp the perfect order of the cosmos. We simply may just trust that everything has a meaning and serves a purpose.

It is what it is and it is always good. If we only could come to believe that fundamental truth, we would live in a much different world.

God has never and will never make a meaningless act. Truly all that happens, even the worst seeming calamity, is working for our good – personally and collectively.

God is always for us never against us. God is truly in all and is all. and so there is always a reason to be grateful for all that happens, blessing every mess that comes our way.

We hope that this post help bring some clarity into why that which happens may be happening.


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