Neale Donald Walsch – God talks directly TO YOU all the time

God is forever communicating with us, always broadcasting love and guidance. This is what Neale Donald Walsch talks about in this short video.

Not only does God constantly talk to us, God also constantly moves through us to guide us along the path of our souls evolution. Since all is one, that means the evolution of all souls. God desires us all to come move from one level of awareness or consciousness to another greater and grander level of awareness since it is in and through us and our lives that we allow for God to become more conscious, to come into a greater and grander expression for herself.  In that sense we are all God’s messengers, channels or conduits if you will.

It is quite powerful to hear Neale Donald Walsch describe an encounter with his girlfriend’s sister who was at the brink of committing suicide, and as he, without being conscious of it allows for God to flow through him – guiding him to say the exact right thing to help the sister move out of the low vibration and into a higher elevated vibration where she no longer wanted to kill herself.

This is a perfect illustration of how God works in, through and for us all of time. God is always for us, never against us. God always want us to go beyond our present paradigms and perspectives that we may embrace and integrate higher and greater paradigms and perspectives on our infinite journey of the soul.

It is all about surrendering; to the Truth of who and what we all are, to the will of God, to our purpose for being here on this planet.

That still small voice within us is always guiding us, and our future selves are forever leading us along the path to our next version of ourselves, a version of even more excellence than we can imagine. All we need to become still enough to pick up the guidance that we get.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
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  1. Joaquin says:

    I cant see the video…what Neale says about the sister….what words he use???? I need to know

    • says:

      Thank you Joaquin for reaching out to us. You should be able to see the video now – check it out.

      If there is a particular segment you are having a hard time hearing, let us know how far into the video the segment is and we’ll listen to it and see if we can make it out.

      Blessings of Love & Light

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