Michael Bernard Beckwith: Turning tombstones into steppingstones

Join Michael Bernard Beckwith as he once again reminds us that no one of us needs to be a victim of circumstances – that we may turn seeming tombstones to steppingstones to vibrationally go higher and higher.

As we all inherently have the Divine gift of independent thinking allowing us to think independently of any circumstance, we don’t need to look to that which is going on around us to tell us what to think. Each and every one of our challenges, are in truth a gift, a blessing, steppingstones allowing us to use exercise our ability to turn our attention in whichever direction we choose, and as we choose to keep our attention in the high vibrational frequencies even in the midst of seeming chaos, that which may have been a vibrational tombstone now has become vibrational steppingstones instead. All through our choice of exercising our ability to think independently of circumstance.

From this perspective, we may say “I bless this mess, knowing that all is working for my personal and collective good”. Thinking in this way, not acquiescing to circumstances taking part in the tendency of humanity to engage in bemoaning and victimhood takes courage, but it is necessary that we find that courage that we may consciously participate in our souls evolution.

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