Michael Bernard Beckwith – Questions to ask the Universe

The quality of life is not determined by our acquisitions, the number of our possessions or our achievements. The qualities in life is determined by the questions that we ask the Universe.

According to universal law, the Universe always answers all of our questions and so it is imperative that we know to ask the right ones. Asking powerful and transformational questions puts us on a fulfilling path of growth and unfolding. Now, asking these empowering questions does not in any way change the Universe but it changes us. God in her infinite nature can never change. However asking empowering questions makes us open, receptive and available for receiving answers to them and so in asking we allow for more and more good to flow into our lives.

God is always for us never against us and it is God‘s deepest desire that we all grow and unfold in such a way that we continuously move from one level to the next in our unfolding allowing new greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through life. This is our purpose here on earth: to reveal the face of God in the most magnificent way possible.

This process of evolution of course is a process that is forever ongoing whether or not we are aware of it and whether or not we take conscious part in it, but becoming a conscious participant makes the journey so much more fulfilling, inspiring and magical. Consciously asking high vibrational questions moves us out of the egoic tendency to perceive ourselves as a victim instead moving us into the sense of being Divine Creators, in the way God intended for us to be.

Join Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith as he explains this in this video.

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