Michael Bernard Beckwith: The Life Visioning Process

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s The Life Visioning Process

Sit back and enjoy your front row seat to the vision of your soul. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He is also the originator and founder of The Life Visioning Process.

The Life Visioning process is where we make ourselves open, available and receptive to catch God’s vision for our lives. It is the process that Mr Beckwith and the other original Agape members used when first starting Agape. They still use is for the Agape’s continuous growth and unfolding.

It has been said, by us and many others, that we are not here to make anything happen. We are here to make something welcome. There is always something trying to emerge in and through us. Our souls are forever beckoning us to allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in our lives.

The Life Visioning Process takes us beyond the imagination

This, what is trying to emerge, goes beyond our ability to imagine or fantasize. It is is about consciously going online with God, that we may catch God’s vision for us.

The Life Visioning is designed specifically for this. Throughout the process we are guided, through the means of asking questions and being open and available to catch the answers, to go beyond the limits of our imagination.

The imagination is bound by our experiences and so it is limited to that which our sensors have picked up. God, however, in her infinite wisdom and creativity has no such limitations or restrictions.

We could say that through the Life Visioning Process we place our lives in the hands of God and become willing to be a vehicle for something greater and grander to move through. This is becoming Divine Creators.

The power of questions.

God will answer any question we ask. Thus we stand to gain from asking empowering questions. Questions that move us forward, that takes us to new levels of life. That is what this process is all about.

The Life Visioning Process consists of a number of questions that we ask, followed by moments of stillness to catch the answers. It is a powerful process that does not begin or end with the actual session. Instead the sessions are merely the dynamic catalyst that stirs something in motion.

We invite you to this Life Visioning session presented by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It is no exaggeration at all, that it has the potential to change your life forever.

In saying this we feel obliged to say that The Love & Light Store has come out of us using the Life Visioning Process and we continue to use it for our continuous growth and unfolding.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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