Love & Light are energetic vibrations

The foundation of the Love & Light Store is, as the name implies, Love & Light. As God is Love and God is Light, so are all of us Love & Light. As spiritual beings incarnated onto this beautiful planet we all share one common purpose; To know God and to reveal the face of God.

To us, Love & Light are not just mere words. They both carry a profound meaning and a energetic vibration. A vibration that goes way beyond what words can say or convey.

The purpose that we all share is to know God and to reveal the face of God

Love & Light is one way of describing that purpose. And so here follows a description of what Love & Light means to us at The Love & Light Store.

We are all spiritual beings of Love & Light. Just as God is Love and God is Light. Always present never in absence.

We are all One with all yet part of the Divine Whole

We are all One with all yet part of the Divine Whole. Our purpose here on this planet is to become aware that this is so. And then to allow ourselves to become the most radiant and powerful expressions of our own individual uniqueness. In other words, to become aware of who and what we are, and then to allow that which we are, to come forth, to radiate out from us. Forever in ever greater and grander ways. In other words to give ourselves permission to unfold.

This is why we have come here. Why we have chosen to come to this particular earth school. Not the only school but one of an infinite number of schools in the cosmos. Yet a great school

What is Love?

God is Love. Love is the unconditional, agenda less giving of oneself. Of that which one has to give. In other words, it is giving with no holding back, asking for nothing in return.

And so, Love is not an emotion but a state of being. A Divine quality of Life. And even though this quality may appear to be missing in some individuals, is eternally present in each of us.

Love is giving, fully and freely of that which one has to give. God is Love.

Imagine, if you will, the sun. The sun gives and shares it’s warmth and luminosity. Not discriminately. Not partially but indiscriminately and fully. Unconditionally to everybody. Totally and utterly without holding any of it’s luminous and warming rays back.

The same with the bird. The bird doesn’t sing to get something back. Nor does it sing only partial songs. It freely offers all of the beautiful tones and notes for anyone who desires to listen. And it does so for the sheer joy and pleasure of singing. Singing is one of the gifts the bird has. It gives it to the world unconditionally.

God is Love

So this is what love is. God is Love. Love is God. God is not only loving but God is Love. God is eternally giving of itself, fully and freely. Never holding anything back, never asking for anything in return.

Being that we are all one with God, and that God is Love, we (each and every single one of us) are also that love.

We all have that Divine Love inherently. However through social and parenting conditioning upon arriving on this planet we learn to mask and cover it. To dim it and make it conditional.

As we grow and unfold in Love we come to see the world (and ourselves) forever more clear through the eyes of God. That we, contrary to what the ego believes, are more than enough and that we have more than enough.

We come to realize that we are actually here to share and give of that which we are and that which we have. Just like the sun and the bird.

As this happens, all doubts, fears and worries begin to dissolve and the struggle, the competing, and the comparing is released. Instead we become compassionate, generous and giving.

Our lives begin to be more about what we can give and how we can be of service, than what we can get. We begin to turn within and discover the unique set of gifts, talents and abilities that we all have. And we begin to share these. This is to reveal the face of God.

What is Light?

God is Light. Light, from our perspective, equals spiritual awareness or consciousness. The more conscious an individual becomes the brighter and more luminous her life becomes.

Spiritual consciousness is becoming more and more aware of that which is True and Real. It is realizing that we are spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God. That just as God is Light so are we Light. Each and every one of us. That we are all unique and perfect expressions of the Divine Whole.

Light is consciousness, awareness of that which is True and Real

It is knowing that the Divine Whole, is all there is. That God is all, is in all and is everywhere. This means that there is nothing that is not in God.

Through spiritual practice such as meditation we learn about the ego. About the illusion of lack and separation. That it is our ego that gives rise to fear, worry and doubt. We realize that all of us inherently have the divine gift of independent thought. Giving us the ability to think independently of any circumstance.

We come to realize that our cosmos is governed by sacred laws. That there is only perfect order in the cosmos. Nothing comes into our experience uninvited and although we may not always get what we want, we always get exactly what we need. This, in order to keep growing and unfolding.

To bring Light into one’s life is to become increasingly aware of this, the true nature of Reality. That God is not out there somewhere, but that God is within each of us, in everything. And to know that God is nothing but Love. This is to know God.

The more we grow in Love & Light the more grateful we become

As we grow in Love & Light we realize that God is always for us never against us. God wants nothing but the best for us and everything is working for our good. We learn that that every challenge is in fact a gift and a blessing, worthy of our gratitude.

Since everything literally is in God and God is everything, this is also what each and everyone of it’s creations are, including us humans. We are here to realize that love is our natural state of being. As we mature we then gradually begin to set it free to illuminate and radiate the world. This is to know God and to reveal the face of God.

To know God is to realize that God is Love. To Reveal the face of God is to allow that Love to come forth into the world, in and through us.

This is what Love & Light means to us at The Love & Light Store. It is realizing that God is Love and that God is Light and that this Love & Light is all around us and all in us. It is a process of awakening where we go from one level to the next. Always allowing greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge, through surrendering to God.

It is from this field of Love & Light that we operate, from which we expand into forever greater and grander versions of who and what we are.

It is a blessed way of life and we are grateful beyond words for being on this path. We also give thanks for your support and participation in helping us grow and unfold.

Blessings of love & light ?
The Love & Light Store team ??