Law of Attraction – the key to Divine manifestation

How does the Law of Attraction work? Understandning this, truly is the key to Divine manifestation and to bringing harmonony and abundance into our lives.

Nothing ever happens out of luck, chance, or coincidence. There is only Divine order in the cosmos, and everything that manifests adheres to this order. Which is why an understanding of the Law of Attraction an absolute must for anyone seeking to become a conscious participant in Divine manifestation.

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There is only Divine order in the cosmos

As you move through life perhaps you sometimes perceive that which happens to be serendipitous or coincidental.

Perhaps you perceive things happening out of chance or luck. Or ill chance and bad luck for that matter.

This, however, is only from a small and limited perception.

In all of the cosmos, there is nothing but Divine and perfect order. Everything that happens has a meaning and a reason for it.

There are no isolated events, but everything is a link in an eternal link of cause and effects.

Everything is interconnected in ways oftentimes way beyond your ability to perceive.

There is only cause and effect. The same causes give rise to the same effects, and the same effects all have the same causes.

Law of attraction – a linguistic convenience

You may or may not have heard about the Law of Attraction as the key to manifestation.

The Law of Attraction (LOA for short) is a popular term to describe this cause and effect relationship.

In essence, the Law of Attraction states that whatever you think and feel the most will be attracted into your experience.

Thus, if you, for instance, place much of your conscious or unconscious attention on why something will not or cannot work out, by law it will not work out

On the other hand, if you turn your attention more to why something should workout – by law it has to work out.

However, as popular and widely used as the term Law of Attraction being the key to Divine manifestation is, it is not entirely correct. It is a linguistic convenience.

In reality, nothing is ever drawn into your sphere, but everything emerges from the depths of your being into the world. It all radiates from within.

All manifestation begins in consciousness. From there, it takes form in the external world.

Consciousness always precedes form, never the other way around.

Energy is all there is

All is energy. Every piece of clothing you wear, every piece of furniture you own, every object – seen or not seen; is energy.

Energy is all there is. Everything is energy. God is energy, energy is God – same thing, different names.

Energy vibrates at different speeds and the only difference between one thing, and another is its density and its speed of vibration.

Take water for instance. Water vibrating at one frequency you would call ice. Heat it up and it becomes water. Keep heating it, and it will become steam.

It is still the same energy, only transmuting from one form to another.

Even your thoughts and feelings are energy – which is why you can oftentimes pick up the thoughts and feelings of another individual without them having to say anything.

Thoughts and feelings of joy and gratitude have a higher vibration, whereas sad and fearful thoughts and feelings have lower vibrations.

As the Law of Attraction teaches us, – each and every thought is creative in nature.

Every time a thought enters into your mind (whether or not you are aware of it), it sets in motion a creative process.

This is the order that permeates and penetrates the cosmos. Understanding this is the key to Divine manifestation.

Not understanding this, is making yourself a victim of circumstances and situations.

It is your predominant vibration that determines what will come into manifestation

Although all thoughts are creative in nature, not all thoughts are equal in creative power. Unless the thought is sustained – kept active and alive for an extended period of time – they will not result in manifestation.

And so, the key to Divine manifestation is to hold on to a particular thoughtform long enough that it begins to take shape around you.

As you take on any particular thought or train of thought and hold on to it extensively – it begins to set the creative forces in motion.

In other words, in Divine manifestation, you need to think more about why you are going to make it than why you should not make it.

It is essential that you turn our attention more towards gratitude than fear, worry, and doubt.

Nothing ever comes into your experience uninvited.

It comes, either because you want it or because you don’t want it – whatever you predominantly turn your attention toward.

It doesn’t mean a thing unless you feel it

However, just neutrally thinking about your success will not be enough to call forth the manifestation of that success.

Even if you were to think about it most of the time.

A thought, not backed by emotion, is weak in its creative power.

Thus there needs to be an aligning emotion or a feeling tone behind the thought.

Although thoughts are creative in nature, it is really the feeling that sets in motion the creative process of Divine manifestation.

In other words, you may express your gratitude a thousand times over, but unless you have not taken of the feeling tone of gratitude, it will not mean much.

And so, it is vital that you not only think about that which you desire but that you feel that it is done. Even at this moment where you perhaps cannot see it yet.

At the very core of your being, you need to know that it has already been given to you.

This is how we align ourselves to the fundamental order of the cosmos. This is how we consciously take part in the process of Divine manifestation.

It is simple but not always easy

The Law of Attraction is the key to Divine manifestation.

Its principles are simple – that which you think and feel the most will manifest in your experience.

However, as simple as its principle are, they are not always easy to follow.

There will be times along the spiritual path, when fear, worry, and doubt will strike and threaten to take over your mind.

There will be times when you come face to face with challenges that threaten to tear down whatever confidence and faith in yourself you may have had.

Times when gratitude is farfetched.

And at times when you are experiencing fear, worry or doubt, affirmative prayer is a very powerful spiritual technique in calling forth Divine manifestation.

You need to always remember that the Divine order in the cosmos is always at work. It is never out of play.

The sacred laws are as impersonal as they are immutable.

They don’t care who you are or where you come from. They don’t care what you look like.

All they care about is where you turn your attention. What you think about and more importantly – what you feel the most.

You can give in to the fear, and the worry, and the doubt – using the laws against you.

Or you can bracket the lower vibrations of fear, worry and doubt – turning your attention toward your success – thus putting the laws to work for you.

What you always need to remember though, is that it is your predominant vibration, your predominant feeling tone that ultimately will Divinely manifest itself.

Which means that it is perfectly okay to be in the grip of fear for an hour or two, for a day or two, even longer.

As long as you keep seeking a way back to the feeling tone of gratitude and being successful and prosperous.

Having a vision is a must

This is why it is of such importance that you have a vision for yourselves and your life.

A vision provides us with direction.

It allows us to make conscious choices whenever we are faced with challenges or find ourselves at crossroads in our path.

Without a vision, we will be lost.

We will be adrift, like rudderless ships, being swept back and forth by the currents and the tides.

As there is nothing but order in the cosmos – it is vital that we have order in our minds.

For instance, we cannot take on the feeling tone of being successful and prosperous unless we have articulated to ourselves what it means to be successful and prosperous.

The more detailed our description and articulation of this vision is, the better. The easier it will become to navigate toward it.

The vision is our “what“. What is that we want and desire. Not what we think we can achieve.

This has nothing to do with what is probable or logical.

There is no inspiration in the probable and logical. And our vision has to be inspiring.

It needs to be what we really want and desire.

We never have to worry about how the vision is going to manifest. Life will take care of that.

All we need is to set a vision that truly inspires us and take on the feeling tone of it already having manifested.

Desire and intention are two of the most powerful creative agents there are

Although the vision is our starting point, it is only our starting point.

If we only have a vision, not much will change. It will be no more than a fantasy.

The vision needs to be backed by an intention to realize it.

We need to make the choice to begin moving in the direction of our dreams of our desires.

Knowing what we desire, and having set an intention to realize it sends a powerful vibrational message that the Law of Attraction picks up and reflects back as our experience.

It is imperative that we know our what, that we have a vision.

Also, it is equally essential that we also have set an intention to move in the direction of it.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t know how we are going to get to where we want to get.

Life will handle all the details. It will guide and move us along the path toward our vision – all in perfect order.

The order of the cosmos

Where there is vibrational alignment, manifestation must occur

We need to realize that the sacred laws of the Universe are as impersonal as they are immutable.

They don’t care one bit about who we are, where we came from, what we did or did not do.

The only thing they care about is our state of consciousness – our vibration.

All they are concerned with is where we allow our thoughts to dwell. Where we turn our attention.

Consciously turning our attention toward that which we desire, rather than that which we don’t desire, is to consciously participate in Divine manifestation.

When our thoughts and feelings match the vision or goal we have set for ourselves and our businesses, when there is vibrational alignment between us and our heart’s desire – there is nothing that can stand in the way of manifestation from occurring.

Whenever we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that whatever it is we desire will manifest – regardless of present circumstances, there is such vibrational alignment.

When we have utter and complete faith in Life rather than our little selves – nothing can prevent our dreams from Divinely manifesting.

This has to do with our inner reality – that which we know, that we know that we know.

We need to live the dream to live the dream.

Powerful techniques to align with the good that we know

All of manifestation is about vibrational alignment. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect.

There is a number of techniques that we can use to move into vibrational alignment with that which we desire.

Below is an outline of just some of them.

Affirmative Prayer

The Art of Affirmative Prayer is a beautiful and powerful practice when it comes to re-creating our inner reality.

Affirmative Prayer is describing the reality we desire to manifest knowing that it already exists in the unmanifest.

It is seeing with the eye behind the eye, seeing that which is not yet in our dimension, but seeing it as though it was already here in our visible dimension.

We truly need to dream the Life to live the Dream.

In other words, we need to live with the feeling tone that it is already done.


The Art of Gratitude is equally powerful and beautiful a practice to elevate our vibration.

To be grateful and to give thanks for the vision before it manifests itself is to cultivate the inner knowing that it is already here.

That is to truly bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with our vision.

And so it is evoking the law of attraction and the sacred laws to work for the manifestation of the vision.

Talk about it, talk to it and talk from it

That which we on chronically talk about will come into manifestation.

And so, another powerful technique to reach vibrational alignment with our vision is to talk about it, talk to it and talk from it.

On a constant and regular basis.

Rejoice that others have what you desire

This is a hard one for many individuals. Oftentimes when we see another individual having that which we desire, envy and jealousy is awakened within us.

Those two are powerful creative agents, although they set the sacred laws to work against us. Rather than for us.

The vibrational signal they are both emitting is that we don’t have. Somebody else has it, but we don’t.

As both envy and jealousy are oftentimes accompanied by strong emotion, they really set the creative process in motion – opposite the direction we want it to go.

Which is why rejoicing that others have what we desire, is such a powerful technique.

When we can be truly happy that another is having what we want, there is no separation between us and the good that we want, but we are one.

This will immensely speed up the creative process, calling into manifestation the very thing that we desire.

Desire for others what we desire for ourselves

This too may be difficult as the average individual lives with the perception of lack and scarcity. Where competition for limited good and resources is the only way.

However, to really juice up the creative process, setting the sacred laws to work for us – we want to desire for others the good that we want for ourselves.

This means continuously turning our attention to the good that we desire, looking for it everywhere, seeing it everywhere and thinking about it all of the time.

In other words, we make it alive and active within us. We allow it to become integrated with our vibration.

As the sacred laws dictate: we only get to keep what we give away, as giving away means that we know that we have more of it than enough for ourselves.

And so, as we keep giving it away, more and more of it will flow into our own lives.

Emotionally backed affirmations

Another technique we can use is emotionally backed affirmations.

We use the raw emotion of fear or anger or whatever it is that we are feeling and we affirm from that place.

Then we have turned the fear into a creative power supporting the Divine manifestation rather than opposing it.

Fear is our worst enemy

There is really only one thing that can keep manifestation from happening. Fear!

Sustained fear will prevent the Law of Attraction from working for us.

Fear that we are attached to, will check the manifestation of our dreams and visions.

As stated above, when there is vibrational alignment – manifestation will occur.

Fear is the exact opposite of that alignment – as it holds the vibration of our vision not manifesting

If we want the Law of Attraction to be our key to Divine manifestation, if we want the order in the cosmos to work for us rather than against us it, is vital that we bracket our fears.

Gratitude ensures such vibrational alignment

Having understood the importance of vibrational alignment, it is not possible to talk about sacred laws such as the Law of Attraction, without mentioning Gratitude.

Gratitude is the realization of good everywhere – in this very moment.

Gratitude is not a future thing, but a Now thing.

It is not the hopes and whishing of something good happening sometime in the future.

But it is the acknowledgment of the good happening now. Fully knowing that the good that we desire has already been given us.

Being grateful for our vision means knowing that the manifestation of it is not in the future but that it is taking place in this moment – in every moment.

God has already given it to us.

It is done. And it is now in transition from the invisible to the visible realm.

For this we give thanks.

In the beginning stages of metaphysics (because that is what we are talking about here), it might be hard to be grateful for something that has not manifested yet.

However, this is why we have our imagination. To see that which yet cannot be seen.

In working with the sacred laws, seeing that which cannot be picked up by our senses is vital. This is how manifestation occurs.

And so we need to train our selves, not only to see that which has not manifested but also to give thanks for that which is still in transition from the invisible to the visible.

This is vibrational alignment.

There is a law of Gratitude. It states that

The more we are grateful, the more will we be given to be grateful for.

As there only is order in the cosmos – gratitude is a powerful vibration.

Manifestation is nothing more than a reflection from the past

All form follows consciousness.

But just as a seed planted in the soil needs a gestation time or a period of maturation before anything shows above the surface – so it is with sacred manifestation.

In other words, that which we are experiencing at this moment is merely the coagulation of thoughts and perceptions have previously held.

It is a mirror image from the past.

However, how long this maturation period is – is not up to us. It is beyond our control.

As life sees it fit, manifestation happens all in perfect order.

And always in perfect timing.

This too is very important to be aware of as we move deeper and deeper into the sacred laws.

We have full sway over our consciousness and vibration, but we are not here to make anything happen.

Our job is simply to make it welcome by holding our vibration high.

God is always for us

Life is forever on our side, always supporting and guiding us into forever greater and grander expressions of ourselves.

God will never deny us any of the good stuff.

And the sacred laws will always work for us, not against us. As long as we stay in vibrational alignment with receiving the good that God has to offer.

As impatience and fear are low vibrations they will check the manifestation from happening.

And it is important that we keep our vibration high. In other words, we need to learn to trust Life more than fear.

Everything is working for our good

None of the challenges we encounter are God’s way of saying no to our desires.

God is always eager to see us have all of the good that we want as it allows for God to come into forever greater and grander expression in and through us.

But, we need to be fully aware that if we want more good that we are presently experiencing – we need to grow and expand enough that we can contain the more good.

We cannot expect the circumstances to change without us first having gone through corresponding changes.

Which is why we experience challenges.

They are nothing less than steppingstones or springboards by which we get to grow and to expand into higher levels of awareness.

Summing up

In all of the cosmos, there is no such thing as chaos, serendipity, chance or luck.

There is only Divine order. Nothing ever just happens but everything happens just.

There is only cause and effect. Vibration is cause – manifestation is effect.

As we hold on to a particular thought for a prolonged period of time and as we back that thought up with emotion – it the Law of Attraction sends back a direct replica of that thought.

Consciously participating in this – is divine manifestation.

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    • Hi Cathy and thank you so much for your kind words.

      I think you are right, many people stop themselves from going for what they desire simply because they don’t believe it to be possible (or themselves to be worthy) for it to manifest.

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