Jack Canfield on creating a Vision Board and the art of visualization

The art of visualization is a very good supplement to the spiritual practices of visioning and affirmative prayer. In this video Jack Canfield offers a description on how we can use vision boards as we are learning to deliberately creating our lives.

If you have read any of our other posts you have probably come across what we call the inner reality, which is that which is our inner most truth. It may be about ourselves; who and what we are, what we are worth, what we deserve or what we are capable of, it may be of the outside world; what other people are like, what the world is like so on and so forth.

Since we are all vibrational beings living moving and having our beingness in a vibrational universe it It is our predominant vibration; i.e. inner reality, that dictates what we will manifest. When we have made something a part of our inner reality nothing can stop us from manifesting it. It however something is not a part of our inner reality i.e. vibrational match – we can never create lasting it permanently in our lives.

We have described the process of visioning where we through becoming still, going online with God make ourselves open, available and receptive to catch that which is trying to emerge in and through us that we may make it welcome to emerge.

Visualization is a good technique to be used alongside of visioning and affirmative prayer since it helps re-creating our inner reality bringing forth the vibration of that which we desire to manifest in our lives.

Remember that we are never here to make anything happen, only to allow that which is already happening in and through us. This means that we need to make it welcome by vibrationally matching ourselves to it. That is the way of receiving.

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