It is what it is and it is always good

Learn to say "it is what it is" and experience the peace that passes human understanding

One of the most liberating spiritual concepts we may adopt and learn is the learning to become non-attached to that which is. When we learn to say: “It is what it is“, we have come a long way toward inner peace.

It is what it is

The human ego is constantly flooding us with opinions of good and bad, positive and negative. It passes judgment on basically all of our experiences.

For most people, they have not yet reached the conscious level that they may identify these reactionary opinions as not them.

They are one with these judgments. Totally identified with them. They have not yet learned discernment where they may perceive themselves as the experiencer of their thoughts, but rather that they are their thoughts.

In the infinite mind of God, nothing is good or bad, negative or positive. In the mind of God, everything simply is as it is – and that is that.

Learning to remind ourselves of this: that it is what it is, is going beyond the ego. It is letting go of thoughts and opinions telling us what should and should not be.

The egoic opinions of good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, all stem from a small and limited paradigm.

They arise from the perspective that life is an enemy you need to outwit and defeat if you are to make it.

As long as you are identified with that perception of life, life will remain hostile.

The difference between reacting and responding

As you go through life you will encounter challenges and obstacles. There is no such thing as a challenge-free life. However, you get to choose whether to respond to these as they arise, or whether to react to them.

Reacting is simply allowing whatever thoughts and emotions arise, to take over your mind and run you. It is letting your circumstances and situations (other individuals) to drag and pull you around in a mental and emotional turmoil.

Reacting oftentimes leads to resisting that which is. It leads to wishful thinking about what should and should not be.

This, in turn, leads to emotional and mental pain and suffering. Not because of your circumstances. But because of you reacting to them.

Responding, on the other hand, means that you, stop, become still and choose what you want to think and thus what you want to feel as a response to the situation.

It is taking responsibility for yourself.

Evoke the sacred laws to work for you rather than against you

Now, it is sometimes said that resisting that which will not change that which is, but that is not entirely true.

Please be aware that there is only Divine order in the cosmos. Nothing ever happens out of chance, luck or happenstance, and nothing ever comes into your experience uninvited.

Vibration is cause and manifestation is effect. Form always follows consciousness, never the other way around.

And so, as you are resisting whatever circumstance you feel bogged down in – not only are you causing yourself pain and suffering, but you are also calling more of the very thing you are resisting into manifestation.

The sacred laws are as immutable as they are impersonal. They don’t care one bit about who you are or where you come from.

All they care about is where you place your attention. What you predominantly think about. What you predominantly feel. And what you predominantly talk about.

In other words, when you are in resistance mode, you are actually evoking the sacred laws to work against you. You are calling forth the very thing you want to avoid, simply by you investing a lot of thought and emotion into it.

Embrace and allow that which is to be as it is

And so, rather than reacting and resisting that which is, you want to embrace and allow it. Now, embracing and allowing does not mean acquiescing to circumstances. It does not mean resigning to that which is.

You are not a victim of your circumstances. Nor have you been given a lot that is eternal or unchangeable.

Embracing and allowing simply means that rather than you banging your head against the circumstances wishing them to be something that they are not, you yield to them. You surrender to them.

You allow them to be just what they are. From this place of stillness (freedom from emotional and mental reactivity) you now have the ability to choose.

You now get to choose how you want to respond to them. You now get to choose how you want to act. Not out of fear or desperation, but out of inspiration.

Now, from this state and place, you may begin to articulate and describe that which you want to see manifested instead.

That you may evoke the sacred laws to work for you rather than against you.

This is the spiritual practice of surrendering to the will of God – come what may.

Embracing and allowing does not mean denying.

Individuals oftentimes confuse embracing and allowing with denying or passivity. They are not the same thing.

Embracing and allowing simply means that you bracket your opinions about that which is. It means that you release and let go of thoughts as to what should and should not be – transcending wishful thinking.

This does not mean denying that there is injustice in the world. Nor does it mean that there are bad things happening in the world.

It simply means giving up resistance. It simply means giving up blame.

That you may call forth that which you wish to see. That you may be a power and a conduit for good in the world.

The Story of Maybe

In his book “A New EarthEckhart Tolle offers a beautiful story to illustrate this. The story is about a man who one day wins a fancy car in a lottery.

His family and friends all came to congratulate him telling him how lucky he had been to win the car. His reply to them was “Maybe“.

One day the man was out driving his beautiful car when another car crashed into him. His fancy car was totally demolished and the man had to spend time in the hospital due to injuries.

His family and friends came visiting him, telling him how unfortunate that he had been in the accident. Once again his only reply was “Maybe“.

One night while the man was in the hospital there was a mudslide in the town and his house was destroyed. Since the man was in the hospital he survived.

His friends and family once again came to see him, telling him how lucky he was to have been in the hospital. Once again the man’s only reply was “Maybe“.

In this story, the man was conscious of the futility to judge anything by appearance. He had learned to take a step back from any situation and say in substance: “It is what it is“.

All is working for our personal and collective good…

Because none of us can fully perceive the never-ending chain of cause and effect. It is very easy to allow that which is on the surface to give rise to opinions and points of view.

However, whatever seems to be on the surface, ultimately everything is working for your good. For all of our good.

God is always for you never against you. Even when you cannot presently see it.

As you spiritually mature you learn to say “It is what it is” about all that comes your way fully knowing that every challenge and seeming problem or obstacle is a gift and blessing in disguise.

And so you always want to give thanks for that which is

As you realize this, you learn to be grateful for everything, every experience, all people, places and things in our life.

God wants nothing but for you to grow and unfold, to be healthy, prosperous, to be loving, compassionate and giving, to be creative and brave.

All of this is intrinsically within you – you only need to surrender to it and allow it to emerge through you.

This is our purpose for having incarnated here on earth.

And so, when you are faced with a challenge and when you may take on the feeling tone of being grateful for that challenge even before you can see the good that it contains – you truly and powerfully evoke the sacred laws to work for you.

And if you, when in the midst of the challenge, can find nothing to be grateful for – give thanks for the fact that you can breathe, for all your body does without your conscious participation in it, that you don’t have to dodge bullets or drones, that you have water to drink and food to eat.

Far from everybody on the planet are as blessed as you are.


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