Is being online with God your top priority?

God is always there broadcasting guidance and wisdom. We only need to go online with God to be available to it that we can receive it.

Do you ever go online to check the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any of the other social media sites? And when you do, they are always there instantly providing you with what’s going on in the lives of your friends and family. Going online with God is exactly the same. It makes you open and available to receive the guidance and support of God. At all times

What does being online mean

God is forever speaking to us. It is eternally guiding us.

It does so through our intuition, through the still small voice within, through sudden flashes of insight, through other people, through circumstances and events.

God is infinite and as such has infinite ways of communicating with us. We only need to go online with God to be available to it that we may receive it.

God is perennially and perpetually speaking to us

Being online with God does not mean that we have to sit in meditation all day long. Nor does it mean that we have to space out from the rest of the world.

We talked in a previous post about how our future selves is always guiding us into the next greater and grander expression of ourselves.

We need to be open and available in order to be able to receive that guidance. That is what this is all about.

Imagine you being at home. You may be cleaning, cooking dinner or something else. Meanwhile, the radio is playing in the background.

For most of the time though you may not really be paying attention to what is playing on the radio.

Then something interesting is being said. Or a really good song is being played. Instantly your attention is tuned into the broadcast.

Now, you are open and available to receive the message, or the song.

Being online with God is very much the same way.

Many people, however, pay no attention to this guidance. They either don’t give it any attention at all. Or they disregard it the second it is being communicated.

God is always talking to us using all and any forms available to us in each particular moment.

It is always for us never against us forever leading and guiding us down the path to our greatest yet to be.

God is to be found in the Holy Now

When we say always, we mean always: 24/7 – everyday.

If we are not paying attention though, we will not hear it.

Most people are so caught in the incessant stream of thinking that they are not able to catch intuitive hits. They are too busy thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.

Through spiritual practice, we need to anchor ourselves in the Holy Now. In the present moment, we are open and available to hear.

The more anchored in the Holy Now we are, the more we are online with God. Even when we are not consciously going online so to speak.

God is perennially broadcasting. The more we consciously make ourselves open and available the easier it will be for us to receive it.

Being online is not enough

Being online however is not enough.

Many people, from time to time are present enough to catch guidance. However, they fail to recognize it for what it is and so the never act on it.

When that idea, intuitive hit, hunch or feeling comes, first we need to be able to remember it.

It is good to be able to have something to write it down in. A journal, a piece of paper, an application for your smartphone or whatever you have at hand.

If we don’t, there is a good chance that after a short while that message has been forgotten, and an opportunity may have been lost.

Ultimately this does not really matter, you will still be guided to where you need to go.

But not catching opportunities when they arise may cause a delay and take you on a detour.

So it is good to make sure you don’t forget that which you are being guided to do.

We have a purpose and we are on purpose.

Secondly, we need to act on it. Guidance as we catch it may not always make sense.

It may not always be in alignment or harmony with our present paradigm. We are here to grow and unfold. To this end, God is eternally guiding us.

God is always for us, never against us.

God is perpetually seeking to move us into higher and higher levels of being. That we may surrender to and allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge.

This is our purpose. This is our reason for being here.

Now there is only perfect order in the cosmos.

An individual may catch an intuitive hit that makes no sense to them at all. If they yet have not had the insight that all is working for their good and that there is only order – they may disregard that hit as nonsense.

We want you to know however that the infinite mind of God knows exactly what it is doing.

There is no chance, there is no happenstance. There is only order.

We can surrender to that order, depend upon it and move with it. Or we can resist it.

The choice is ours.

Asking the right questions

A beautiful and powerful way of consciously going online with God is to ask questions. God always answers all of our questions so we need to make sure to ask the right ones.

We will not go into the whole asking segment here but you are welcome to read any of the posts we have written on it.

One of the most powerful questions though is: what is trying to emerge through me right now?

If you have a vision for your life or an intention for your being here on this planet, being online like this is of great importance since God, all along the path of unfoldment, is broadcasting precision guidance.

If we are online with God, we are then able to receive that guidance so much quicker. That we may move along our path with ease and grace.


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