If the only prayer you say is thank you, that will suffice

Meister Eckhart supposedly said: “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you – that will suffice.” If you have ever truly allowed yourself to immerse yourself in gratitude and thanksgiving – you have most likely on some level realized the truth of this.

You are a vibrational being

You are a vibrational being. A spiritual being of Love & Light.  Communicating and communing with every other being throughout the cosmos. Through energetic vibrational frequencies.

Every thought we think sends a vibrational message out into time and space. The more we hold on to a particular thought, the clearer the message. Add a feeling tone to the thought and the message becomes very strong and clear.

As the sacred laws governing our Universe picks up our vibrational message their job is to reflect and mirror back the essence and substance of that message. This we call manifestation.

Manifestation happens whenever we consistently vibrationally align ourselves with a vision. May it be an empowering vision or a disempowering vision. Regardless of whether the vision works for us or against us.

Gratitude is a high vibration aligning us with all the good we desire

This is where gratitude and thanksgiving enters. As we take on the feeling tone of being grateful, we align ourselves with the good. Fear, worry and doubt aligns us with the negative. But saying thank you, and truly mean it, aligns us with the good.

It is sort of like oil and water – they don’t mix. You can’t put oil into a pool of water and expect the oil to draw water into it. And you can’t hold on to the lesser frequencies of fear, worry and doubt and expect good things to happen.

Nor can you keep saying thank you, being grateful all the time while expecting negative things to happen.

Gratitude is the realization and acknowledging of all the good present in our lives

Being grateful, saying Thank You for everything means that we have our attention turned toward the good present in our lives. And as God is good, there is always good flowing into our lives.

The more we emit that vibrational message of saying Thank You, the stronger it becomes. The stronger it becomes the more clear the manifestation will be. The more we take on the feeling tone of gratitude, the more good will flow into our lives.

Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice. A fundamental spiritual practice.

All is working for our good

What we always need to realize is that everything is working for our good. Absolutely everything. Regardless of appearances.

God is forever for us never against us. ALL of God is everywhere, always in full never in part. If God was to be against any us it would mean that God was against itself. But God can never contradict or oppose its own nature and being.

And so, God is always for us. God is always seeking to see us grown and unfold and expand. It is God’s deepest desire that we forever come into greater and grander expression, as it allows for God to forever come into greater and grander expression.

That is the purpose of all of Life. For God to come into greater and grander expression – in and as all of Life.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

It is from this awareness that we take on the feeling tone of Gratitude. It is from this realization that we say, Thank You, Thank You and Thank You – be what is, come what may.

All is working for our good. Each challenge that we face is a gift and a blessing of transformation. Uniquely designed that we may grow and unfold. As is the will of God.


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