I trust in God and so I surrender to the will of God

I know that God is forever for me, never against me. God and I are one, never separated other than by ignorance on my part and so I choose to trust in God.

I know that God is forever for me, never against me. God and I are one, never separated other than by ignorance on my part. Even so, I choose to trust in God. I surrender to the presence of love and intelligence. Allowing for the will of God to be done in my life. I know that this is so, I give thanks for it and I let this be

I trust in God to be always for me, never against me

As we spiritually mature, we come to realize that absolutely all is working for our personal and collective good. Even that which our surface minds may label as bad or negative.

We are eternally on a path of unfolding. This is so whether we are conscious of it or not. On this path, God is with each and every one of us every step of the way.

When we allow for ourselves to become open, available and receptive, that we may hear that still small voice within, the voice of God, to lead us forth, we take the weight of misplaced responsibility off of our shoulders.

We are not here to make anything happen – let alone our growth and unfolding

It is true that we are here to grow and unfold. True, is it, that we have to do some serious inner work, but we do not have to find the way for ourselves. It is not up to us to bring this growth and unfolding forth.

We are not here to make it happen. It is not up to any of us.

We are, however, here to consciously participate in that which is happening. Here to strive to grow and unfold consciously.

We are here to, through spiritual practice such as meditation, visioning, affirmative prayer and giving conscious thanks, allow something to emerge through us.

We may surrender to this, step out of the way and place our trust in God to lead us forth. Only God has the ability to see the full picture. From our viewpoint, we can barely see beyond the tip of our own noses.

God is trustworthy

To this end, we may choose to turn our attention inward toward the still small voice within. It is one of God’s ways of lovingly guide me. We may seek the space of stillness and say, in substance, ”Thy will be done – not mine”.

Surrendering like this is not surrendering or acquiescing to an emotional or capricious God. We may place our complete trust in God in the full knowing that we are not in any way giving away our free will and ability to make choices for ourselves.

God is always for us, never against us. God cannot not be for us, since we and God are one. We are all singular manifestations of the One God and God is always trying to assist and support us in her infinite loving way.

We all have a purpose and we are on purpose. That purpose is to allow God to eternally come into greater and grander expressions in and through us.

Spiritual practice pave the way

The daily practice och meditation, affirmative prayer, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness help us become even more open and receptive and so it is good and well to make them our top priority each day.

We are all taking part in Divine order, a perfect order invisible to the human eye and incomprehensible to the human brain, yet an order that governs all of existence.

Only God in her infinite love and wisdom can perceive this order (since she created it) – and so we may trust in God to lead us every step of the way in the unfolding of our soul, knowing that God in her infinite wisdom knows our path better than I do.

If and when I find myself not able to put my trust in God, I can instead turn to her for help and say: God, I cannot do this, please help me.

God, as she is always for us, never against us, will always come to our aid when we call.


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