I bless this mess

In this whole universe, there is no chance, there is no luck, there is no coincidence. Knowing this I bless the mess when it appears in my life.

Bless the mess, fully knowing that it is working for our good. Because it is.

Bless the mess – it is a gift from God

From time to time we all find ourselves in situations that are more or less challenging in our lives.

Our surface mind; the ego, easily and rapidly labels these circumstances as bad, wrong or negative.

And most humans, consciously or unconsciously find themselves in a sense of being a victim upon experiencing them.

They keep turning their attention toward what should and should not be.

And so, blame is laid upon other individuals, society, culture or simply outer circumstances in general.

Instead we want to bless the mess.

Because most people do not realize is that every circumstance, every event, every individual that we meet, is a gift and a blessing.

A gift and a blessing from God. A gift and a blessing of transformation.

They all have the potential to teach us something that will help us grow and unfold.

That we may become increasingly conscious participants in the unfolding of our souls.

God is always for us never against us.

The Infinite Spirit is friendly towards each and every one of us.

God’s deepest desire is that we all may forever allow greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge.

That we may surrender to more beautiful and magnificent expression of our uniqueness.

God wants us grow and unfold in our consciousness and ability to be loving and compassionate.

That we may discover, cultivate and express our inherent gifts.

This is how we fulfill our purpose of knowing God and expressing God.

All that happens is working for our good. That we may express God more fully.

All the challenges and obstacles (seeming problems) that we encounter are merely gifts and blessing to assist us becoming more of ourselves. More of our True Selves.

Of course, since our state of consciousness always is always reflected in our experiences, we need to look for and anticipate the good in order to find it.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos

Whether or not we are looking for it though, in this whole universe, there is no chance, there is no luck, there is no coincidence.

All is working in perfect order. Knowing this I bless this mess that appears in my life.

It is sometimes said that order is heavens first law.

All is working according to a Divine order, a divine pattern.

We didn’t create this order and for the most part we cannot perceive the full order, the implicate order.

What we can do, however is to learn to trust in it, to allow it to play out in our lives.

A good way to start is to bless the mess each time we find ourselves in one.

We are not here to make anything happen, to be the cause of our own unfolding. We are however here to make something welcome.

Our job is to surrender to it and to allow it which means stop resisting it and to thus make it welcome.

The way to do this is to anchor ourselves in the Holy Now.

To step out of time where the ego is trapped, and allow ourselves to instead listen to the still small voice within.

It is perpetually whispering words of encouragement and guidance.

Telling us when we are going in the right direction or when we need to change direction.

Through the stillness, in the moment we go online with God, and as we allow God to lead and guide us, we can never go wrong.

We may not always get what we want but always what we need

All, absolutely all that is happening in your life is working for your personal good.

God is forever for you, never against you. It is only a matter of seeking to see the world through the eyes of God.

It may be that you not always get what you desire, but you always get what you need. Before you incarnated your soul made a plan for you.

Your soul predetermined what experiences you would need in order to move to the next level of consciousness.

And so rest assured that nothing has come into your experience uninvited.

And so whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation, bless the mess and start looking for the gifts and blessings in it.

Each situation and challenge you experience and you will find them.

Learn to be grateful for all that happens in your life and watch how your life will transform.


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