I allow for my little self to die and for my Real Self to emerge

Our Real Self is always trying to emerge more and more fully in and through us and in that process we need to release that which hinders and blocks us

In the process of awakening where we need to surrender to the process and constantly allow for our old little self to die and for the new, forever greater and grander versions of ourselves, our Real Self to emerge.

Doing the inner work is mandatory for the awakening individual

As we consciously take part in the evolution and the unfolding of our soul we need to make it a top priority to do the inner work necessary.

Necessary to let go of the egoic structures. Fear, worry, and doubt. The limited paradigms and perspectives. As well as the sense of lack and separation of the egoic mind.

Then, and only them may our Real Self may emerge from within.

We need to take conscious part in the emergence of our Real Self

Conscious unfolding is not something that just happens. But it requires our active part taking in each moment. Always to the best of our ability. 

It is not that we are adding or improving anything. We are simply releasing that which is hindering and blocking ourselves from being and expressing our Real Self.

Thus, we need to seek to allow for each day to be a day of shedding. Where we go to bed having let go a little of our little self.

Thus having allowed a little more of our Real Self to emerge.

Release self guilt and blame

All of spiritual growth is about letting go. Of that which no longer serves us.

Letting go of self-guilt and self-blame. They bring us nothing but feeling inadequate and insignificant. Not worthy of Love.

And so it is essential that we treat ourselves with love and compassion.

We need to be aware that some days will be better days. While others will be worse. That the steps we take on some days are greater and on other days, smaller.

There will even be periods when we seem to be going backward. Which we, of course, are not, it is only an appearance. An illusion.

And so, along the way it is vital that we take regular pauses. That we become still that we may contemplate, reflect, and give thanks.

For who we are. Where we are and how far we have come.

Forgiveness is an act of Self-Love

It is also equally crucial that we learn to forgive ourselves when we fall.

On the days where all feels overwhelming and when we are feeling bad or totally out of balance or alignment we need to remember that is of course all right.

We are doing the best we can and we deserve to be loved and appreciated for that enormous work that we do.

Our worth and value has nothing to do with what we accomplish. Nor with what we don’t accomplish.

And so, it is vital to remember that we are even here to accomplish anything or to make anything happen. We are here only to allow that which is already happening. To happen.

In and through us. To emerge from within us.

And so the practice of forgiveness – when we use it upon ourselves, is a beautiful act of Self-Love

It is okay to not feel good all the time

Another important thing to remember is that sometimes feeling bad is good in progress.

And so, we seek to keep our intention high and we keep moving toward the light. Even when we are surrounded by darkness. Even when we are not feeling good at all.

And when there is nothing but darkness, we navigate by the light we once knew. Fully knowing that nothings lasts forever. Fully knowing that we will emerge on the other side.

Surrender to the still small voice of God

God is forever leading and guiding us along our unique path. Through the still small voice within us, God whispers words of wisdom and guidance.

We get a feeling, we get a hunch, we hear something or we just simply know. If only we become still enough, prayerful enough.

As we surrender to and make ourselves open, available and receptive to the guidance of God we will be guided that our Real Self may come forth. Ever-increasingly. Evermore luminous.

We have a purpose and we are always on purpose. And so it is well to remember that we are always at the right place at the right time and for the right reasons.

There is only perfect order in the Universe. Leading us to allow the small and limited version of ourselves to continuously die.

That the new, greater, grander and more expanded version may emerge.


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