Gregg Braden: How to pray in an affirmative or scientific way

In this video message Gregg Braden offers his perspective on what we would call affirmative prayer, both as a scientist and as and awakened being.

Many people use prayers as a way asking (begging or beseeching) God to help and assist them in various ways. There is another way of praying though, it is called affirmative prayer.

The Law of Attraction

Everything is energy vibrating with different frequencies. Even our thoughts are units of mental energy with different vibrations.

That is the basis of all manifestation and of the Law of Attraction. Whatever our predominant vibration (inner reality) is will draw harmonious energetic vibrations to it.

As most people pray, they pray in a way that they are actually vibrationally affirming that which they are not desiring.

Let us explain. Let’s say that you want to increase your financial status. And so, in your prayer, ask God for more abundance or money.

What you then are, vibrationally saying, is that you don’t have money. That is your perception. And so that is the vibrational message you are sending to God.

In other words, if you are asking for more money – you are in fact affirming lack.

The sacred laws only care about what you are interested in

The sacred laws are no respecters of persons. They only care about what you are interested in.

Nor do they care about what you want or don’t want. The only thing they care about are vibrations. Or states of consciousness.

And so as you are affirming that you want more money, your mind is fixed upon not having money.

That is the vibrational message you are sending. And all that the sacred laws can pick up on, and reflect back to you. More of not having. More of lack and limitation.

Enter affirmative prayer

Then there is another way of praying, called affirmative prayer. This is praying without asking for anything. But rather describing that which we desire. As if it was already in existence in our experience.

By praying in this affirmative way we enter into vibrational alignment with that which we desire. Thus allowing and making it welcome to emerge in and through us.

Affirmative prayer is a spiritual practice

Along with gratitude, and visioning, the practice of affirmative prayer is the most powerful technique for calling forth that which we desire.

As decreed by the sacred laws, when there is vibrational alignment – there is nothing that cannot manifest for us.

But there needs to be vibrational alignment. If we are not a vibrational match to that which we desire, it will not manifest. It cannot manifest.

Which is why we have to turn our attention away from the perception of lack, of not having it. Toward the feeling tone of already having it, even though we cannot presently see it.

In other words, we need to make it welcome to enter into this dimension.

Gratitude is the key

After each time we pray it is essential that we give honest thanks for the prayer having already been answered.

Gratitude holds the feeling tone, the vibration, of knowing that that which we desire has already been given us. That it is already here.

And so as we conclude our prayer with giving thanks, we are sending a very powerful message that we know that our prayers have already been answered.

That is the way of receiving. This is the way of affirmative prayer.

In this video message, Gregg Braden offers his perspective on what we would call affirmative prayer, both as a scientist and as an awakening being.


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