Gratitude is the key that opens the door to the storehouse of infinite good

Gratitude is the vibrational key that unlocks the doors to the Divine storehouse of ever expanding good. Gratitude evokes the universal laws to work for us

Gratitude is the vibrational key that unlocks the doors to the Divine storehouse of ever expanding good. Gratitude evokes the universal laws to work for us rather than against us.

God is forever for us, never against us

Many individuals live under the aegis of lack and separation. They perceive themselves to be standing alone in life. Having to fight off an evil and hostile world. They believe Life to be against them, and that they have to push their way through to make it. To survive.

Most individuals never realize that is nothing but a small and limited perception. Not the truth.

They never realize that they hold all of the keys to everything they desire in life. That good is lining up, just waiting to be given permission to enter into their lives. And that gratitude is the vibrational key that unlocks the doors allowing that good to flow in and through them.

We have come to this earth school to learn and to unfold

God, not being a man in the sky, but a loving presence, is always for us never against us. We have to realize this. We need to come to an understanding that there is nothing against us. That nothing is seeking to defeat us or bring us down.

We need to understand that nothing seeks to deny us the good that God desires to give us. And that the only thing that stands in our way of receiving the good of God is our fears, worries and doubts.

God has created us for one purpose and one purpose only. That God may come into a greater expression in and as our lives. That is the reason for all of life; to continuously move into a greater expression thus allowing God to come into a greater expression.

We have come here to earth to learn, to grow and to unfold. And so, whether we agree with it or not – school is in session, in each moment.

All is working for our good

And so God, of course, is always eager to guide and lead us along this path of growth and unfolding. God is perennially giving of itself that we may become more and never less than our True self.

That is why we encounter all of our experiences, including our challenges. They are, each and every one of them,  Divinely designed that we may release the small and limited and allow for the greater and more expanded to emerge. All working for our good.

It has been said that the world is made up of perceptions and conversations. In other words, our view of the world arises from what we perceive. The beautiful thing about this is that perception is a choice. In substance we see that which we are seeking to see. The beauty with this is that God has given us the gift of volition, allowing us to consciously make any choice at any time.

This ultimately means that we get to choose what we want to perceive. We get to choose whether we want to view the world through the eyes of the ego; fear, worry, doubt, lack and separation or the eyes of God; Light, Love, beauty, Divine order, abundance, and perpetual good. Gratitude is the key to remove the lens of the ego and allow for us to see through the eyes of God.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited…

Since all of the cosmos is governed by universal laws, making sure that there only is Divine order in the cosmos, we can rest assured that nothing ever comes into our awareness uninvited. It either comes because we want it or because we don’t want it.

And all serves to help us learn that which we have come here to learn. In other words, everything is working for our good, guiding, nudging and sometimes pushing us along our unique and perfect path of unfolding.

…as all is radiated from within us

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, and maybe even of the underlying Law of Vibration, or law of radiation as it is also called. These decree that we, through the vibration we allow for that which we are in vibrational harmony or alignment with, to radiate from within us that it may manifest in our experience.

Another word for vibration is the feeling tone we carry in any given moment.

And so when we are engaging thoughts that elevate us to the feeling tone of joy, gratitude and Love – we are emitting a high vibration. When we hang on to and cling to thoughts that pulls us down to the feeling tones of fear, worry, doubt, lack and separation we are emitting a lesser or lower vibrational frequency.

The universal laws pick up on the vibration we radiate and reflects back the substance of that vibrational message.

There is only Divine order in the cosmos

In other words, that which we are experiencing today is nothing more or less than the manifestation of previously held thought forms. Of feeling tones or vibrational messages we have previously emitted.

There is no chance, no luck, no happenstance anywhere in the cosmos. Everything moves in accordance with the sacred laws. There is only Divine order and we want to learn to align ourselves with that order, that it may work in our favor.

In other words, Life is never ever happening to us but Life is always happening through us. And as the saying goes; things don’t just happen – they happen just.

The universal laws are always operating, creation is always happening, manifestation is always happening.

The only question is, what are we giving permission to emerge from within us into the physical dimension of this earth school.

We are to become Divine Creators, not reaching out into the world to get anything. But radiating, from within, that which we desire to experience.

Gratitude is the key

Gratitude, then, is the key that allows the ever expanding good to flow into our lives. There is an Art of Gratitude, that may be said to be the realization and acknowledging of all the good and perfect things present in our lives.

This is not deluding ourselves or denying that there are things happening in the world that does not appear to be good. It is merely choosing to seek the good in that which happens, even when it appears to be bad.

In other words, it means seeking to see the world through the eyes of God rather than through the limited eyes of the ego.

Coming back to where we started off, with us being here on the planet to grow and unfold. And with us having been given the ability to choose where to place our attention.

We come to the realization that growing and unfolding really means that we are to learn to see not the appearance of things, but the truth of things.

We are here to learn to raise our gaze and see beyond that which seems to be, that we may see that which truly is.

Making gratitude a way of life

And as we learn to see that which truly is, we also get to see that all that is, truly is working for our good. That ever single experience, is for the growth and unfolding of our souls.

As we come to realize this and as we start being grateful for the ever expanding good the perpetually flows into our lives, we evoke the universal laws to work for us.

Allowing gratitude to gradually become our predominant frequency means holding the feeling tone that all of our needs are met. That we, in this moment, have more than enough. As decreed by the law, this then will be our experience.

In order to stay in that high vibration we want to make gratitude our way of life. We want to, through repetition form the habit of giving thanks perpetually. Allowing gratitude to be at the center of our awareness all of the time.

We want to begin our day in gratitude. We want allow for gratitude to permeate us throughout the day. And as we end our day, we want to ourselves to give thanks for all that is good in that moment.

At times it may be hard to come up with something to be grateful for. We may then start out with simply expressing gratitude for who we are. Maybe augmenting this by giving thanks for where we are and where we are headed. Or maybe for the simple yet miraculous fact that we can breathe.

The enlightened gives perpetual thanks

There is a law of gratitude. A law that the enlightened have realized. This law is: the more we are grateful the more will we be given to be grateful of. This law, of course rests upon the foundation of the Law of Vibration, decreeing that whatever our predominant vibration is, will be reflected back to us.

And so, there is a saying: the enlightened gives thanks for what most people take for granted. This is because the enlightened knows two things that most people don’t.

1) The enlightened knows that everything is working for their good. That the purpose of all of life is to come into a greater expression. And that God is at the back of that purpose.

2) The enlightened knows that by turning their attention to that which good, they vibrationally send out invitations for more good to flow into their lives. That is why gratitude is the key. A vibrational key. By being grateful we give God permission to send more good our way.

Making gratitude a perpetual way of Life, is one of the greatest lessons we may learn along our path of awakening. And so, we want to allow the high vibration of gratitude to permeate us throughout the day. Including being a part of our evening routine.

Evoke the universal law of Gratitude to work in your favor

This law of gratitude is not personal. The universal laws are always in operation. They are never taking into consideration who we are as individuals. Or whether we are a “good” person or a “bad” person. They are impersonal and immutable.

Which really is only good news for us. Because this means that we only need to learn to understand how they work, that we use them for our benefit.

So, we want to invite and encourage you to be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for. And as you make yourself open and available for Gratitude to fill your being, you will notice that the ever expanding good will keep flowing into your life at a higher and higher rate.

Gratitude is the key that opens the doors to the Divine storehouse of infinite good. We have been given this key and we might as well use it as much as we can.

It is one of the most fundamental and transformational spiritual practices there is.


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