God I can’t do it! Help me; do it through me

We can simply surrender to the fact that the circumstance is beyond our ability in the moment and say. "Help me God, I can't do it. Do it through me".

Along the path of awakening, we, from time to time are faced with challenges that seem too great for us to handle. These are the times when we are called to surrender to the loving grace of God and ask God for help. Not asking God to solve the challenge for us, but that God may move through us.

Surrender and ask God for help

As we move along the path of enlightenment, there are times when that which we are called upon to do is simply too hard for us to do.

May it be to forgive another individual for something they have done. Perhaps it is expressing loving kindness. Or maybe it is looking beyond present circumstances.

It might be to turn our attention away from experiences of fear, worry or doubt about something we predict will happen in the future.

In these moments it is well to remember that we are not alone. That we don’t have to pull the weight of right thinking and acting solely on our own shoulder.

We can simply surrender to the fact that that which we know we need to do is beyond our ability in the moment. We can turn to God and say.

Help me God, I can’t do it.

Do it through me“.

By surrendering in this way and ask God for help, we get out of the way and let God have its way with us.

Shattering the egoic obstacles and constructs that kept us from responding to the situation with love and compassion.

It is well to remember that we are not here to make anything happen.

Nor are we here to be the cause of anything, let alone our spiritual growth and unfoldment.

We are here to make that, which is already occurring welcome to emerge in and through us.

We are not here to force our way through life

It is not up to us to bring forth results.

Our job is to allow ourselves to be a conduit and a vehicle for God to come into it’s fullest expression in and as our life.

Every single day. Always to the best of our ability.

Placing shame or blame upon ourselves for not being able to to that which we in our hearts know is right, has no transformational value whatsoever.

It only serves to keep the egoic structures of right and wrong in place.

Blinding us to the fact that our inherent worth and value is high and constant. That it is never subject to fluctuations depending on what we know or can.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it is evidence of intelligence

As we surrender and let God take over the steering wheel, God may remind us of the word compassion. Compassion may be described as the understanding of lack of understanding in others and in ourselves.

All of us do the best we know how in any given situation. If that which we are able to do falls short of that which we know we need to do it is only because we, in that particularity moment lack the ability to do it.

It is not a character flaw to ask for help. Nor is it proof of a personal defect.

Surrendering in this way is simply a matter of humbly acknowledging that we yet have not fully learned or integrated that which was needed for us to know or integrate in order to have had the ability to respond in a different way.

It is powerfully practicing the insights and revelations that we have received. It is the advanced class of spiritual growth and unfolding.

Theory, is the beginners class. Practice is the master class.

In other words, asking for help is evidence of maturity and intelligence. It is realizing that even though we want to, we cannot do it by ourselves.

Thus we ask God, who is both willing and has the power to help and assist us in any way.

And so we always want to cherish, love and appreciate ourselves. For who we and where we are as opposed to blame and shame ourselves for not being who or where we think we should be.

We are all unique and perfect expression of God.

Not just occasionally but for all always and forever.


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