I give thanks for who I am, where I am and where I am headed

If you can't find anything else to give thanks for, contemplate and cultivate gratitude for the fact that you are you, that you are where you are and...

To give thanks is a vital part of our spiritual growth and unfolding. If an individual is newly awakening it may be that to give thanks may present a great challenge.

The Art of Gratitude

Being grateful, seeing the good and blessings that are eternally present in our lives is a profound spiritual practice. It is a matter of training the mind to look for that good and those blessings.

And so it is important that we not only give thanks when something good happens in our lives. Nor only as a part of our evening routine. But that we make it a habit of giving thanks on a consistent and regular basis throughout the day.

If you can’t find anything else to give thanks for, contemplate and cultivate gratitude for the fact that you are you.

Be grateful for where you are in life and for where you are going. There is always something to be grateful for. It may be as simple as the fact that you can breathe.

If you are having a hard time really feeling the gratitude, just keep doing it. Repetition is the key to growth and unfolding. And so sort of fake it till you make it.

Eventually, you will notice that it is becoming easier and easier to get in touch with a deep and profound sense of gratitude.

In this moment I give thanks for who I am

You are a perfect and unique expression of God. A one of a kind, special and important piece of the whole. There has never existed someone quite like you and there will never exist somebody quite like you.

Not even you yourself will exist ever again as the individual you are in this moment. Within you is infinite potential, there are divine gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique just for you.

There is the love of God within you, infinite intelligence and creativity dwells within you.

You are, right in this moment, revealing the face of God in a unique and perfect way. You are a gift to the world, you may not see it for yourself but you are.

Just like any flower or bird is a gift to the world, you are a gift and a blessing.

You have a purpose and you are right on purpose. That purpose is to continuously surrender to and allow for greater and grander versions of yourself to emerge in and through you.

There is so much about for you to be grateful for. If you could only see it.

In the meantime – until you can see it just trust that this is true and give thanks for it.

In this moment I give thanks for where I am

No matter where you are in life you are exactly where you are supposed to be. There is no chance, no happenstance, no coincidences in the whole of the universe.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos.

Right in this moment you are faced with gifts and blessings. They come in various and different shapes and forms.

In the shape of situations, circumstances, and people. In the form of experiences and events. And many other forms.

Know, however, that they are here solely for you. For the edification of your soul that you may graduate from where you are now into where you are going.

All that is happening right now is uniquely designed for you to grow and unfold. For you to become aware of and release that which is keeping you from being more of your True Self.

And so, in this moment – there is so much to be grateful for.

Give thanks for the fact that you are where you are. Express your gratitude for it and know that you are always at the right place, at the right time and for the right reason.

Know that this is so and be grateful for this.

In this moment I give thanks for where I am headed in life

That you are reading this means that you are an awakening individual. If you were not, you would not be the least interested in anything that we offer here at The Love & Light Store.

That you are an awakening individual means that you have embarked upon a conscious journey of growth and unfolding. This is a journey, that will take you way beyond what you can imagine.

Your purpose here on earth is to surrender to and allow greater and grander versions of yourself to emerge through you on a regular and consistent basis.

You are here to discover, cultivate and release your talents, gifts, and abilities into the world, for the good of the world.

You have no idea where this path will take you. Rest assured though, that it will be an adventure that you have never seen the likes of before.

Your future self will guide and lead you along the way as long as you make yourself open and available to receive its guidance.

Make welcome for the good that is perennially being given

The farther along the path you are, the more good will flow into your life. This is not because God in any way premiers those who have come farther.

Because she does not in any way shape or form. We are all given the same amount of good, perennially.

It is only a matter of continuously making ourselves more and more open, available and receptive to it.

And so, even though God wants nothing but the best and grandest for any of us we need to learn to receive it. An individual who has not done the inner work to welcome the good – will not receive it automatically.

There is so much to be grateful for and to give thanks for. Train your mind to be grateful for the most trivial little thing.

Give thanks for it and expect even greater things to come to you. As you do this you will realize that you have brought heaven onto earth.


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