Gabrielle Bernstein – The Universe has your back

Surrender to the good that wants to flow through you

Most of us humans are in the habit of trying to control; ourselves, other individuals, outer circumstances, outcomes and results. They live with the misconception that we are here to get rather than to give. This stems from the egoic illusion that we are not enough and that there is not enough. Join Gabrielle Bernstein as she shares a piece of her own life

God is good and wants only the best, greatest and grandest for us that we may come into forever greater and grander expressions of ourselves – which means allowing God to come into forever greater and grander expression of itself in and through us and our lives.

To this end God is endlessly offering guidance that we may continuously walk us along the path of growth and unfolding. Our job is to learn how to make ourselves open, receptive and available for that guidance. Within us there is a still small voice that is constantly whispering to us.

As we learn to listen to and pay close attention to that voice we tune in to the broadcast of God.

The Universe truly has all of our backs as Gabrielle Bernstein explains in this SuperSoul session.

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