Sometimes feeling bad is simply good in progress

Sometimes when we are feeling bad we are actually going through a process of release and thus good happening

On the he spiritual path we need to realize and become aware of the fact that we are not walking this path to feel good but that we are walking it to be liberated from the egoic illusion and all of that which is keeping us from seeing and knowing the Truth. In other words, the spiritual path is not one of eternal bliss and feeling good. It is inevitable that we have moments and periods of feeling bad.

All of the spiritual growth is about letting go, but we cannot let something go until we have first become aware of it and so everything that we need to let go must first come bubbling to the surface that we may embrace it and release it. In these periods of release we may experience feeling bad – that is not really connected to anything – simply a general feeling bad. Sometimes we may become restless and uneasy, sometimes we may become agitated, angry or sad, sometimes the feeling bad expresses itself through a simply a vague feeling of discomfort. However it shows up for us it is essential that we allow it, embrace it and bless it for the gift that it truly is – us becoming slightly more liberated each time.

When we first start walking this path we may feel inclined to talk about and share these periods with other people, making a big deal out of them, but as we mature and as we come to realize that nothing is wrong, but that something good is actually taking place we simply allow it to be, knowing that the feeling bad is actually something good taking place. We simply allow it treating ourselves with love, compassion and forgiveness if our feeling bad has caused us to do or say anything to another fellow being that may have caused harm.

Sometimes feeling bad is more like moving through complete darkness where that which we once knew is gone, lost, dissolved. In these times, by some called the dark night of the soul, we keep moving forward navigating by the light we once knew.

Surrendering in this way, to that which is, to our growth and unfolding brings about a sweet inner peace that really goes beyond the mind to comprehend. It’s is a beautiful and loving way of life.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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