All radiates from within you

Ever wondered why certain experiences come into your life? Well, it is because they have been radiated from within you, that you may learn a new lesson.

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction. It basically says that we, through the power of focus and attention, may attract anything into our lives. Although widely popular, being the theme of movies such as The Secret, the law of attraction is actually not entirely correct. However, there is another Law behind it. Manifestation (things, events, circumstances and people) is not so much attracted to us as it radiates from within us.

All is radiated from within us.

The Law of Attraction states that energy with the same frequency draws to it, energy with the same frequency. At the same time, it is drawn to other energy with the same frequency.

However, things are not ever so much drawn into our sphere as they are radiated from within us out into experience.

Always from within, never from without. And so we might say that the Law of Attraction is a linguistic convenience.

We are vibrational beings with the intrinsic ability to choose our vibration. By the grace of God we have all been given the gift of volition – freedom of choice.

This allows for us to think independently of any circumstance or situation.

It is our thoughts, our predominant thoughts that determine our vibration. That vibration is broadcast into space and God corresponds to it.

And so with our thoughts, we do not so much draw or attract something into our lives as we allow it to radiate from us. We are releasing a vibrational message and allow it to flow through us.

Our inner reality determines our vibration, thus what we radiate

Once again, the good that we desire, may it be abundance, prosperity, perfect health, loving relations, harmony or other – is not out there for us to find and get a hold of.

It is us, through conscious re-creating our inner reality (predominant vibration) that allow for that which we desire to flow out from us.

Much like a light bulb – it does not draw the light to it by being in harmonious vibration with light.

No, the light bulb radiates the light through it, by allowing the energy to move through the bulb.

All of this may seem like a play with words, but what we are trying to say and convey here, is that everything radiates from within us.

Everything starts inside; in our inner reality, and is then reflected onto the outside screen of our lives.

We are not here to make anything happen, only to make something welcome

So although the Law of Attraction is a popular topic it may bring a bit of confusion as to how manifestation really happens.

We have stated before in our posts that we are not ever here to make anything happen. But to allow and make welcome (through matching our vibration) that which is always trying to happen through us.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited. For most humans, they are not aware of what they are inviting. Others are more aware.

Also, some of our experiences are not created by our human aspect but by our spiritual aspect as a part of our eternal path of growth and unfolding.

However, when there is a vibrational match there is nothing that can stand in our way of manifesting that.

We are here to release our intrinsic nature and to become the Divine Creators that we truly are.

The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude may be said to be the realization and acknowledging of every good and perfect thing present in our lives.

As we seek to be grateful and appreciative, what happens is that we turn our attention away from that which we don’t want to that which we do want.

Through the Art of Gratitude and affirmative prayer we then evoke the sacred laws to work for us.

Allowing them to bring us more to be grateful for, simply because we are in vibrational alignment with good.

Once again, this is an inside job. When good is radiated into our experience it is only because we have vibrationally aligned with it. Either consciously or unconsciously.

Likewise, when challenges and seeming negative events come into our experience, it is because we have made ourselves a vibrational match to it.

Let go of self blame

Although we are saying that we all are 100% responsible for that which is radiated into our experience we are not saying that we should put ourselves down or blame ourselves for any of it.

Placing blame and guilt upon ourselves serves no other end than bringing ourselves and our vibration down, calling more such experiences into our lives.

Rather we want to be compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves.

Compassion may be described as the understanding of lack of understanding – within ourselves and others.

In other words, at all times we are acting to the very best of our ability. Has something been radiated into our experience that we didn’t want – it was only because we lacked the ability to keep our vibration high.

It is not a personal flaw or fault. This is a learning journey and adventure that we are upon. Earth, is a school that we have chosen to come to.

And so we are learning, gradually, incrementally and sometimes by quantum leaps – to master our vibration.

Everything is working for our good

Truly everything is working for our good. Every experience that is radiated into our lives, is a gift and a blessing of transformation.

It is calling us to go even higher, into higher levels of consciousness. Every challenge that arises calls us to release and let go something that we have held on to, that is now time to let go of.

A small and limiting perception, a point of view, an opinion or a belief.

God is forever for us, never against us and although we don’t always get what we want, we get exactly what we need.

We only need to seek to find that higher perspective where our eyes open enough that we may see it.


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