Eckhart Tolle: Are You (too) Searching for Happiness?

Why is it so hard to find happiness?

In this Q & A session Eckhart is asked the excellent question of why happiness can’t be found. The individual asking the question admits to having looked for happiness for over 20 years and but they still haven’t found it.

This is the perfect illustration of how the egoic illusion plays out in our lives. The egoic mantra is: I am not enough and I have not enough.That is the starting point for most individuals on the planet.

And so they go out looking for something to mend or fill that inner hole. They look for happiness, they look for prestige, they look for health and wealth. So on and so forth.

And for most individuals they quite never find that which they are looking for. Why? because they are looking in all the wrong places. They are looking outside of themselves and they are looking into the future.

It is simple although not always easy

What we need to realize as a species is that everything is within us and that we have it now. Nothing, of real importance, is to be found outside of us, and nothing will ever be found in some far off time.

Everything is all here now. And so, as we learn this, we learn to always go within and allow that which we are looking for to emerge in and through us.

We are never here to make anything happen. Only to make welcome. The way we make welcome is by aligning ourselves with it, vibrationally. As we find that vibrational match, happiness, health, wealth, prosperity is radiated out from within us.

From this perspective it is simple however it is not always easy to find happiness.

Happiness is found in the Holy Now

In order to be able to go within, making ourselves open, available and receptive to that which is already within us – we need to become still. We need to learn to anchor ourselves in the Holy Now that we may hear the still small voice whispering and guiding us.

True, and ever lasting happiness – is only to be found there, within us in the stillness of the present moment.

We invite you to watch Eckhart Tolle explain this in his beautiful and peaceful way.

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