Eckhart Tolle: Is the concept of problem an illusion?

What is a problem?

In this Q & A session Eckhart Tolle is asked the question whether the concept of problem is only an illusion. As usual he gives a beautiful and profound answer.

The concept of having a problem is born out of a small and limited egoic perspective.The word problem carries the energy that something is wrong. Saying that something is a problem is saying that it should not be, that it should be something else.

The perception of a problem means someone or something has done something to us. It entails us being a victim. That we have been forced into a situation or circumstance. This of course is never anything else other than an illusion.

There are no real problems only gifts and blessings

As the spiritual beings that we are, we could see our incarnating here on earth as a natural step in our evolution. We are here because our souls chose for us to incarnate here.

We are all part of a greater scheme of things that goes way beyond our egoic sense of self. Our souls, as they made the choice for us to come down to earth had plan for what experiences we needed to encounter. So that we could take the next step in our evolution.

It is not always so that we get all that we want, but it is so that we get all that we need. None of our experiences come into our lives uninvited by our vibrational predomination. While not all invited are by the human aspect of us. They may be invited by the spiritual aspect of us.

Every challenge is a blessing

Everything, absolutely everything is working for our good. God is forever for us, never ever against us. And so whenever we are faced with a seeming problem it is well that we remind ourselves to look for the blessing in it. Because there always is a blessing and a gift within each and ever challenge we encounter.

We are here to grow and unfold. And so we are constantly being given opportunities to do just that. All of our “problems” are uniquely designed for each and ever one of us to learn exactly that which we need to learn.

If we, in the face of a problem, could rise our gaze to a higher perspective, the problems would dissolve. Not dissolve as go away or magically disappear. However the problem would turn into a challenge instead.

Facing a challenge carries a much higher energy than facing a problem. The emotional charge of being a victim would dissipate. Gratitude would emerge instead. We would be grateful for being given a chance to learn something we need to learn.

In this sense, a problem is only a superficial illusion. There are only gifts and blessings – therefore they are all worthy of our gratitude.

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