Eckhart Tolle – what is presence?

Presence is being Here and Now

A word often used in spiritual conversations is the word presence. Or being present. We, here at The Love & Light Store often refers to it as being anchored in the Holy Now.

What does it mean though to be present while still in the world? And what role does presence play in the whole growth and unfolding thing?

Well, since you are reading this post you have probably become aware of the ego within you. Now, the ego is that entity that gives rise to the constant mind chatter. Furthermore, it is the source of the opinions and judgments you experience and sometimes get caught in. Eckhart Tolle defines ego as identification with form. With any form.

Depending on how far along the path of unfolding you have come you may or may not be aware that you can be aware of something without being caught in it. In other words. You can be aware of having an opinion about something. And while at the same time not be identified with that opinion. It is more like you are observing it in your mind.

Presence is that space where you can observe yourself without being caught in your self. When you are anchored in the Holy Now it is like standing beside a road watching the cars go by. You perceive them but you know that they are not you.

Presence is consciousness

As we spiritually mature. And while we increase our ability to remain non-attached it is not really that we are learning new skills. Yet what really happens is that we increase our ability to be present in the moment. Through insights and consistent practice we strengthen our presence muscles so to speak. The more apt we become at remaining anchored, the more consciousness we get access to.

This is the path of growth and unfolding. To learn to find stillness in the moment, regardless of circumstances. In the stillness, in the presence we have access to all the power, creativity, Light, joy, peace, harmony and Love that we need to carry out our mission here on earth.

Watch Eckhart Tolle as he talks about presence. What it is, how to find it and also what role it plays in the evolution of humanity.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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