Dream the Life to Live the Dream

Dream the Life that you desire and you will live the dream. This is conscious manifestation, aligning with the sacred laws and the order in the cosmos

There is nothing but Divine Order in the cosmos. Nothing ever happens out of chance, or luck, or coincidence. There is only cause and effect. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. The sacred laws are as impersonal as they are immutable – which means that we need to truly dream the life if we are to live the dream

There is only Divine order in the cosmos

Life, for many individuals, is about luck.

They perceive that whatever comes into their experience, comes because of happenstance or chance.

That, however, is not how the Universe works. There is no chance or luck anywhere in all of the cosmos but there is only a perfect Divine order.

The sacred laws are always operating and they operate in perfect order.

Only oftentimes, we are not able to perceive that order.

Through not realizing that it is there, most individuals turn their attention to the surface appearance of things and allow whatever opinions and thoughts that come up, rule, govern and run them.

Not ever stopping to seek to see the Divine order underneath the surface appearance.

Most individuals are so preoccupied with thinking about what the think should or should not be that they fail to see the beauty in all that happens.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited

And as the sacred laws are always operating, nothing ever just happens.

On the contrary, everything happens just. Meaning that nothing ever simply just appears in our experience, but we call it forth.

Manifestation happens, either because we want it or because we don’t want it.

This is a feeling Universe.

A universe that corresponds to our vibrational signature, our vibratory frequency. Or to use more common language; our feeling tone.

In other words, whatever we think about the most, or rather whatever we feel about the most – whether it is what we want or what we don’t want, will be the vibrational message that we emit.

The vibrational message that the sacred laws will correspond to and ultimately reflect back as our experiences.

There is nothing but order in the cosmos.

And as we seek to see it, it will be revealed to us. Which is why it is of such importance that we, through the practice of visioning, dare dream the life if we truly want to live the dream.

Desire and intention

However, to simply dream about the life is not enough.

There are countless individuals who daydream, hoping that whatever they desire miraculously will appear out of thin air.

This will not be the case.

Simply desiring something is not good enough in Divine creation. We need to couple the desire with intention.

The intention to see that which we desire to manifest in our experience.

Desire and intention are the two most powerful creative agents there are.

In other words, we need to know what our hearts desire that we may dream the life, but we need to also intend for us to live the dream.

Intend for it to move from the invisible realm to the visible realm.

However, as we know and can articulate our heart’s desire and as we have set our intention to call it forth, we need to realize that we are not to make it manifest.

We never have to make it happen, to force it into manifestation.

In truth, it is not even us that are manifesting it. But manifestation always happens through us, never by us.

Our job is to vibrationally align ourselves with that which we desire, that the sacred laws may begin to work for us.

As well as through us.

We have to feel it done, as it is in the mind of God

This is where the feeling comes in.

Because in Divine Creation, no amount of parroting or affirming means a thing unless we have the feeling to back it up.

There is only order in the cosmos remember.

That order is based upon what we feel.

Whatever we feel the most, will come into our experience, regardless of whether it is what we want or what we don’t want.

The sacred laws are no respecters of persons. Only of consciousness or the feeling tone we predominantly carry.

And so as we affirm and pray, we need to always carry the grateful feeling tone having already received that which we affirm or pray about.

We affirm, we pray, we breathe and we receive. This is how we align with the order in the cosmos.

In the infinite mind of God, that which we desire, that which we pray for is already done.

We are simply just smack in the middle of the manifestation of it.

Bracket all your fears, worries and doubts

As that which we desire, the dream that we strive towards is already granted in the mind of God, and as God is eager to give it to us, there is really only one thing that can hinder the manifestation from happening.

Only one thing that may disturb the order in the cosmos, that may turn the sacred laws against us; Our fears and worries and doubts.

These lower frequencies that are not in alignment with the realization of the dream, will check it from manifesting if given to much sway.

Desire and intention are powerful creative forces, but fear, worry, and doubt are also powerful creative forces, only destructive such.

And so it is imperative that we bracket them.

We may experience them, we want to embrace and allow them but we need to turn them aside.

We need to keep dreaming our Life, knowing that we will live the dream.

In other words, whenever we experience fear, worry and doubt we need to let infinite possibilities win the argument.

We have the winning argument; God is forever for us, never against us.

We have the winning argument; God has given us a mandate to live the good life.

We have the winning argument; The desire of our heart and the will of God are the same thing.

They are one and the same.

Those are winning arguments. Make sure that you win that argument.

Dream the Life to Live the Dream

What we always need to be aware of is that manifestation is never a future thing. It is always a now thing.

It is not going to happen in some distant future, but it is happening in this very moment.

In each single moment.

And so, as we align with the order in the cosmos, with the sacred laws, we dream the life that we may live the dream.

We dream the life, knowing that we have already been granted the life of which we dream.

We dream it, with the intention to allow it to come forth into our experience.

Fully knowing that in this very moment, in all moments, it is in active transition from the invisible to the visible.

In and through us. Not by us, but through us.

In other words, within, we begin to live that life, feeling that it is as real as the circumstances around us.

This is how we learn to look through God’s eyes, not paying too much attention to present circumstances, but allowing the eye behind the eye do the looking.

The eye that is forever connected with the eternal. That which is beyond time and space.

Be grateful now

And we give thanks for it.

We give thanks for it before we can even begin to see the slightest change in our circumstances.

In the mind of God it is done, and so we express our gratitude and thanksgiving for receiving it, in this moment, and for continuing to receive it in future moments.

Gratitude truly is the key that opens up the storehouse of infinite good.

Unless we can take on the vibration of gratitude in this moment, not much good will be manifest in future moments.

We absolutely must learn to be grateful even before something good happens in our lives. As Michael Bernard Beckwith says;

There is no law against being grateful before the good.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

That is actually the right use of the sacred laws. This is consciously aligning with the order in the cosmos.

And so we give thanks, we appreciate, we take on the feeling tone of being grateful for having already received that which our hearts desire.

For living the dream.

We dream the Life and we give thanks for it as though the dream has already manifested.

This is how the dream becomes alive in our experience.

Over and over again as is our purpose as spiritual beings on the spiritual path.


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