A documentary: The Reality of Truth

What most individual consider real is not really the Reality?

Most people live with the perception that they know what reality is. They perceive the world through their five senses and come to the conclusion that what they perceive is real.

Reality however is not always what our sensory perceptions tell us. Most often what they perceive is only evidence of what they are “looking” for.

In a previous post we talked about how nothing is comes into our experience (reality) uninvited. That there are different openings are causes for us experiencing that which we are experiencing.

Reality goes beyond our senses

If we cannot rely on our senses to tell us what is real – then where may we turn? The answer is quite simple. It is simple but for most people hard, or unthinkable. We turn inside. We turn to the still small voice softly and lovingly whispering to us.

Through the practices of meditation and affirmative prayer, we come to realize that there are different dimensions of life. We realize that there is the world of appearances – is not really real, but only a sort of mental construct.

The world of appearance – is only playing out the collective consciousness of humans. It is only a reflection of the collective inner reality of the masses. It could not be in another way since everything starts with consciousness.

How to transcend the insanity that is most peoples reality

How do we transcend and go beyond the insanity that is the human condition or the human experience? Well, as said above – we need to go beyond the external world and turn our focus and attention on our inner world.

Then and only then, there and only there may we find the true nature of reality. It is only through becoming still consciously start looking for the truth – that the truth will be revealed to us.

Anchored in the Holy Now we become open, available and receptive for Reality – the Reality with a capitol R, will show itself to us.

Watch this beautiful documentary; (featuring among others, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamsson and John Hagelin) on what reality truly are and how to find it.

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