Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

Becoming a Divine Creator is participating in the creative process in such a way that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity.

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. It is one of the sacred laws governing our universe through the process of creation. But how, exactly does this creative process work? Knowing this is essential for anyone seeking to become a Divine Creator, or deliberate creator, or conscious creator, or whatever name we want to use.

We have a purpose

Our purpose here on earth, as the spiritual beings that we are, is simple. It is to know God and to reveal the face of God.

That purpose is shared by all of life all throughout the cosmos. We are here to allow ourselves to become the Divine Creators we intrinsically are, that we may work in harmony with God to realize our purpose.

The way we go about realizing this purpose is unique for each being. We all have different missions according to our unique patterns and paths.

This post is not about how to discover that mission. It is about learning the creative process through which everything comes into manifestation.

However, if you feel you want to find your mission you may do so through The Art of Visioning.

This post is an attempt to explain the creative process. The process through which we learn to become Divine Creators.

Allowing the sacred laws to work for us rather than against us. It is about raising our vibration to be in alignment with that which we desire.

That that which we desire may emerge in and through us, and manifest itself in this visible realm.

We are to move into being Divine Creators

The process of Divine Creation is based upon one fundamental Truth. The realization that all is one, that there is only unity in the cosmos.

This realization leads to the insight that creation is never about competing with another. Nor is manifestation never about making anything happen.

But simply allowing that which seeks to happen, to happen in and through us. Through the means of vibration.

We all live, move and have our beingness in a universe where there is only abundance.

In other words, however real, any perception or experience of lack and scarcity may seem – they are nothing more than an egoic illusion.

And so, as Divine Creators we realize that we all are unique, perfect and singular expressions of God.

We are here to do something that has never been quite done before. To do something that will never be quite done ever again.

Obviously this means that we are not here to try to copy or duplicate what anyone else has done either.

Everything is already in existence

As we catch or create visions for our lives it is important that we realize one thing.

Whatever vision or dream we create – it is not ours, but it has been planted within us by God.

They are like seeds planted within us that they may come into manifestation through us.

Not by us but through us.

And so, they are already in existence. In the infinite mind of God they are already manifested.

They exist now as potential, but to God it is already done.

As we vibrationally align our selves with the vision, meaning as we take on the feeling tone of it already having manifested – we put the sacred laws to work for us rather than against us.

And that which seeks to emerge will emerge in and through us.

That is how we get the Law of attraction to work for us.

We are not here to make anything happen only to make something welcome

In other words, manifestation is not up to us. We are not here to make anything happen.

Only allow that which seeks to happen to manifest in and through us.

In other words, we need to vibrationally align ourselves with that which seeks to manifest.

When there is such a vibrational match, then and only then may manifestation occur.

Then, and only then may the sacred laws begin to work for us, for the manifestation of this vision that we have caught.

There is only cause and effect.

Vibration is cause – manifestation is effect.

Without cause, there can not be any effects. The sacred laws are immutable, yet friendly. In other words, things never just happen but they happen just.

And so, our job is learn to work in harmony with God and the sacred laws governing our cosmos.

Our job take on the feeling tone of being at one with that which we desire see manifested.

To take that vibration on and keep that vibration – no matter what.

Whenever we seek to force or to control the creative process – we are coming from a place of lack.

Lack, just as abundance is a vibrational frequency, a message of vibration that the sacred laws pick up on.

And whatever they repeatedly pick up, the will reflect back as manifestation.

In other words; allowing and surrendering are two major keys in the process of manifestation.

It is not about us getting and acquiring that which we think we want.

It is about allowing that which is seeking to emerge through us to emerge.

The Creative Process

A Vision

The very first step of the process of Divine Creation is to have a vision.

A vision may be described as an articulation of something we desire to see manifested in the visible world. In and through us.

This is our What. A what that emerges out of nothing. Because that is where everything begins. Out of nothing but an idea.

But having that idea, that vision, the what – is crucial. The sacred laws cannot operate without a what.

Manifestation can never occur without a what. An articulation of that which we desire. The creative process will not, cannot, begin without a what.

If you have not yet created or caught a vision, we invite you to let Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith move you through his beautiful Life Visioning Process which is designed to help us catch visions for our lives.


When we have our vision, perhaps in full – perhaps the beginning stages or the outlines of it; the next step of the creative process is to take on the feeling tone of desire and intention.

This means to make the conscious choice to start moving in the direction of the vision with the intention to allow it to come forth in and through us.

This is where many individuals come to a dead halt in their tracks.

They may have caught their vision, their what. But as the begin to move towards then intention part – they cannot see HOW this vision is to manifest and so they instantly give up.

We need to always remember that we live in a lawful cosmos where vibration is the song of manifestation.

Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect.

It is not up to us to make anything happen. The How is not up to us. Nor the When.

We are not here to be the cause of anything, only allow that which seeks to emerge, to emerge in and through us.

Intention is the vibrational signal to the sacred laws that we are good to go.

As long as our intention is steady, God and the sacred laws will provide all that we need to keep moving forward.

It begins with our vision, our desire. But we need to have the intention to have that desire move from the invisible to the visible realm – if we want to keep moving along the creative process.

In other words, we need to take on the feeling tone that whatever it is we desire, is already in existence.

It is done, it is already manifested. This is full vibrational alignment.

This is where practices such as affirmative prayer come in.

Affirmative Prayer is describing that which we desire as though it was already present.


The next step in the creative process is willingness.

As we have our vision and our intention to allow for the vision to move through us we now need to be willing to do the inner work necessary to make this possible.

Individuals are frequently trying to change something in their lives without having to change themselves.

This is an impossibility.

This is not how the law of attraction or the sacred laws work.

In order for the vision to emerge in and through us we need to become compatible with it.

This means that we need to vibrationally align ourselves with our vision. We need to become a vibrational match to it.

Subsequently, we need to grow.

Everything on the outside in our lives is a reflection on the inside of us.

Whatever our predominant vibration; inner reality is, will be reflected on the outside.

And so, we need to be willing to allow change and transformation within ourselves to occur.

If we resist it, there can and will be no alignment. And the law of attraction can not be set to work for us.

This means that we need to bracket and dissolve all of our fears, doubts and worries where the manifestation of the vision is concerned.


This, in turn, means that we need to release and let go of all of that which does not serve us and the manifestation of the vision.

We need to take on the vibration of feeling the vision becoming, in each and every moment.

This means that we need to get our little selves, our egoic selves out of the way that the vision may pull us forth along the path of manifestation.

This means that we need to surrender to growth, to unfolding, to expanding.

We need to surrender to the fact that the vision will transform us. We need to give this our permission.

As long as we do not take on this vibration of surrender – we will never become full conduits for it the vision to move through.

Surrendering however is not only about surrendering to inner transformation.

It is also about making ourselves open, available and receptive to catch guidance that move us forward in the process.

Becoming Divine Creators is not about using the Law of Attraction to satisfy the acquisitive nature of the ego, but of being an instrument of God.

To this end, we need to make being online with God our top priority. We need to learn to allow in order to be able to receive.

The Art of Meditation is a powerful practice to be used in this stage.

Re-creating the inner reality

Now that we have allowed willingness and surrender to permeate us, it is time to go to work so to say.

Everything comes from within, through our inner reality.

Our inner reality may be described as our inner truth; that which we know, that we know, that we know.

It is our core vibration.

As the vibrational beings that we are, our predominant vibration will ultimately be reflected and manifested in the material world.

And so, we need to re-create our inner reality to be one of total certainty that our vision is already here. That it is moving through us in this very moment.

Manifestation is a now thing

Manifestation is not a future thing. It is a now thing.

Our vision and desire will not manifest sometime in the future, but it is manifesting in this very moment.

Realizing this is essential in terms of reaching vibrational alignment.

If we hold on to the perception that our dreams will manifest sometime in the future, the vibrational signal that we are emitting is: We don’t have it, but we will get it.

As the sacred laws only can reflect and mirror back an exact replica of our vibration, they will respond back: Yes, you don’t have it, but you will get it.

However, that future moment will not come unless we first begin to match the vibration of having it.

Powerful techniques for re-creating the inner reality

There are a number of awesome practices that we can utilize to consciously uplevel our vibrational signal and re-creating our inner reality.

Affirmative Prayer

The Art of Affirmative Prayer is a beautiful and powerful practice when it comes to re-creating our inner reality.

Affirmative Prayer is describing the reality we desire to manifest knowing that it already exists in the unmanifest.

It is seeing with the eye behind the eye, seeing that which is not yet in our dimension, but seeing it as though it was already here in our visible dimension.

We truly need to dream the Life to live the Dream.

In other words, we need to live with the feeling tone that it is already done.


The Art of Gratitude is equally powerful and beautiful a practice to elevate our vibration.

To be grateful and to give thanks for the vision before it manifests itself is to cultivate the inner knowing that it is already here.

That is to truly bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with our vision.

And so it is evoking the law of attraction and the sacred laws to work for the manifestation of the vision.

Talk about it, talk to it and talk from it

That which we on chronically talk about will come into manifestation.

And so, another powerful technique to reach vibrational alignment with our vision is to talk about it, talk to it and talk from it.

On a constant and regular basis.

Rejoice that others have what you desire

This is a hard one for many individuals. Oftentimes when we see another individual having that which we desire, envy and jealousy is awakened within us.

Those two are powerful creative agents, although they set the sacred laws to work against us. Rather than for us.

The vibrational signal they are both emitting is that we don’t have. Somebody else has it, but we don’t.

As both envy and jealousy are oftentimes accompanied with strong emotion, they really set the creative process in motion – opposite the direction we want it to go.

Which is why rejoicing that others have what we desire, is such a powerful technique.

When we can be truly happy that another is having what we want, there is no separation between us and the good that we want, but we are one.

This will, immensely speed up the creative process, calling into manifestation the very thing that we desire.

Desire for others what we desire for ourselves

This too may be difficult as the average individual live with the perception of lack and scarcity. Where competition for limited good and resources is the only way.

However, to really juice up the creative process, setting the sacred laws to work for us – we want to desire for others the good that we want for ourselves.

This, means continuously turning our attention to the good that we desire, looking for it everywhere, seeing it everywhere and thinking about it all of the time.

In other words, we make it alive and active within us. We allow it to become integrated with our vibration.

As the sacred laws dictate: we only get to keep what we give away, as giving away means that we know that we have more of it than enough for ourselves.

And so, as we keep giving it away, more and more of it will flow into our own lives.

Release and let go of your fears, worries and doubts

As vibration is the foundation the creative process, the very foundation of the Law of Attraction, it is essential that we keep our vibration high.

It needs to be in alignment with the manifestation of the vision, most of the time.

This means that we have to find a way to bracket all of our fears, worries and doubts.

They too are vibrations with manifestational powers, but as for manifestation of the vision is concerned they are repellents.

Those lower vibrations will evoke the law of attraction and the sacred laws just as readily as the high vibration of gratitude, only they set the laws to work against us rather than for us.

And so, it is imperative that we do the inner work necessary to release and let them go.

That we learn to trust God and abundance more than fear and lack.

In other words, we need to learn to raise our gaze above and beyond circumstances, to keep our vibration high.

Even when circumstances and situations appear bleak.

This is all about being open and available for awareness of who and what God is. That God is forever for us, never ever against us. That God eternally seeks to give us all of the good of God.

Love and be compassionate and forgiveness toward oneself

As we embark upon the journey as Divine Creators it is imperative that we do so with nothing but love and compassion for ourselves.

Initially, odds are that we will trip and stumble, giving in to fears, worries, and doubts. It is likely that we will make wrong turns or sway from our path.

We need to always remember the process of Divine Creation is a learning process.

As we learn to increase our aptitude to be open and available, we increase our ability to listen to the still small voice within guiding us along the path.

And so we increase the feeling tone of gratitude. We learn to become increasingly open available and receptive that we may surrender to and allow for the vision to emerge in and through us.

Love may be described as the total giving of ourselves without having an agenda. Compassion may be described as the understanding for lack of understanding.

And so we need to always remember that when we fall, when we loose our way, when we make mistakes, it is not a character fault for which we should be blamed.

Rather we are always doing the very best we can with that which we presently have.

We need to recognize this and to continually forgive ourselves along the way.

The law of Attraction can not work for us, if we are condemning and judging ourselves too much

There is only perfect order in the cosmos

In the process of being loving, compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves we need to also realize that everything that happens is working for our good.

God is forever for us, never against us and there are always different openings through which the good of God may come through in our lives.

There truly is only perfect order in the cosmos and so nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited.

The steps above are a description – to the best of our ability, of the creative process of Divine Creativity.

Remember that it is not up to any of us to make anything happen in this world. We need not place that burden upon our shoulder.

We only need to become willing to make ourselves open, available and receptive to be an instrument or a vehicle of that which is always seeking to happen and emerge in and through us.

Allow and surrender to that, step into the greatness and excellence that is intrinsically within you.

Being Divine Creators is what we are meant to be.


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