Continue – you are merely just beginning

Along the path of awakening we are well to remind ourselves that, in each moment, we are simply just beginning and so as we continue to keep moving forward

Along the spiritual path, we inevitably encounter moments and periods where we seem to not have the strength or the courage or the skills necessary to continue, to keep moving on. In those times, we are wise to simply remind ourselves that however far we have come, we are simply just at the beginning of our journey. And so, however small are steps are, as we hold true to our intention, as long as we continue to move in the direction of our vision – we will emerge.

However far you have come, it is nothing but your starting point

At times along our spiritual path, it feels as though we have hit a dead end, or that we are on an uphill climb too steep for us to take another step.

At those times we are well to remind ourselves to continue. To keep moving on.

There is no such thing as a final destination. Nor is there such a thing as a dead end.

We all live and move in a field of infinite possibilities and so when one doorway or pathway seems to close it will lead us to another door that holds even greater possibilities than we ever could have imagined.

In each moment, and this is well to remind ourselves of from time to time, we are only just beginning.

Each moment is nothing but the starting point of future moments. And so as we continue, even when we don’t seem to have the strength or courage enough to keep moving forward – we send a powerful vibrational signal to the sacred laws.

That vibration lets the sacred laws no that we mean business with our intention. As we hold true to our intention and as we keep moving toward in the direction of our vision or intention – nothing can stand in our way.

There is only order in the cosmos

There truly is only order in the cosmos. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect.

As we continue in spite of fear, worry or doubt. When we keep moving on even when we cannot see the path in front of us; that carries a mighty and powerful vibration.

God’s laws are as immutable as they are impersonal. They care not about anything other than the vibration we offer.

As we take on the vibration of continuing forward no matter what – they will design and orchestrate people and events that we may keep moving forward.

From one beginning to the next beginning. Moment by moment, by moment.

Continuing does not mean stubbornly banging our heads against the wall

However, holding fast to our intention to continue toward our vision does not mean that we close ourselves off from guidance.

We will not get anywhere by seeking to exert our will over others or circumstances. It is not about manipulation or sheer strength.

Both of them arise from the vibration of lack and scarcity. They are born out of fear of not having our desires manifested.

Fear, worry and doubt serves nothing other than keeping our vision from manifesting.

In other words, as long as we hold on to those lower vibrations we will run into dead ends.

And so, in each moment, in each beginning we need to seek to take on the grateful feeling tone of our vision having already manifested. Even when we appear to be at a standstill.

Even when we seem to be taking blindfolded baby steps.

Remember; vibration is cause, manifestation is effect.

Whenever and wherever there is vibrational alignment, there is nothing that cannot manifest in and through us.

And so we continue forward. From beginning to beginning.

Everything is working for your good…

God is forever for us, never ever against us. God is forever seeking to guide, and lead, and sometimes push us into forever greater and grander versions of ourselves.

Even in the midst of the direst challenge or circumstance, there is a gift and a blessing of transformation. With the sole purpose that we may learn something that we need to learn in order to keep moving forward.

In other words, as we begin to let a vision pull us, rather than having fear push us, everything that happens serves to prepare us for the greater good that is about to flow into our lives.

As we surrender, as we turn within, become still and tune in to the still small voice – we make ourselves open and available to look upon ourselves through the eyes of God rather than the eyes of the ego.

This, then, is what we will see. And so, we want to, at all times, keep our childlike nature active and alive.

… so we might as well give thanks for everything

And so, from this perspective we want to give thanks for everything. Fully knowing that whatever it is we are facing, it is good in progress.

And as we take on, and hold on to the feeling tone of gratitude, not only are we facing something, but that is facing us. Not our little puny personalities, but our infinite nature, backed by the sacred laws and the good of God.

There is no situation, challenge or circumstance that is bigger than God. There is nothing that can keep us from continuing to keep moving on other than our small and limited thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.

In other words, as each moment, truly is a beginning, as we hold on to the feeling tone of gratitude and appreciation for each beginning – that beginning will open up doorways and pathways beyond what we can imagine.


So, continue.

Know that you are on a spiritual journey, a magical adventure. At the back of you are God and all of the cosmos.

It is not up to you to make anything happen. It is not up to you to manifest anything. All you need to do is to consciously and gratefully participate in that which is happening.

Manifestation is not a future moment, but a now moment. It is happening in each and every moment.

And we have come here to consciously participate in that which is happening by doing something every day that brings us closer to our vision.

By dreaming the life to live the dream, by talking about it, by engaging in spiritual practices such as affirmative prayer, visioning, and meditation.

Keep moving, moment by moment

And so, moment by moment, sometimes dramatically, sometimes incrementally, sometimes with quantum leaps – we keep moving toward our vision.

Sometimes we can clearly see the path ahead. Sometimes there is no clarity at all.

But regardless, we continue, guided and led by the still small voice within us.

From one beginning to another beginning. Into eternity, into infinity.


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