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Abraham Hicks: The Law Of Attraction (LoA) – part two

As the vibrational spiritual beings that we are, with the inherent gift of independent thinking we need to realize that our thoughts are mental energy with the same attractive and repelling qualities as all other energetic objects. If we want to be conscious about what we are creating and we are creating in each and…
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In dealing with stress we need to realize that time is only an illusion causing countless human beings to experience stress and unease.

Panache Desai: Healing with the Masters, 4 – Dealing with Stress

In this last session of the talk between Jennifer McLean and Panache Desai the talk about different ways of dealing with stress. Dealing with Stress Stress is being trapped in time. It is having ones attention upon the past or the future. Which is where worry, fear, shame, guilt reside. And so dealing with stress,really…
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