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Bob Proctor on the key ingredient of success

What is success? Bob Proctor (featured in The Secret) is a renowned teacher  on human potential and behavior. It is amazing how we, in school, have been taught to constantly look to our outer circumstances to dictate who we are, what we are worth, what we are capable of. All of us are made in the…
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Dr Bruce Lipton – We Communicate Through Energy

Dr Bruce Lipton on how we are more than just human beings having a physical body

Dr Bruce Lipton – The biology of belief

In this video Dr Bruce Lipton beautifully explains how we are not product of our history or are genes

Byron Katie – Love in action

An interview with Byron Katie on different aspects of health and spirituality It is beautiful how Byron Katie describes guidance as a tool to be able to be of greater service to others, which is in perfect alignment with what other teachers say: We are not here to get, we are here to give. It…
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What does surrender to God mean? Watch Marianne Williamsson, beautifully give her description of what surrendering to God entails.

Marianne Williamson – How to surrender to the will of God

Surrendering, to most individuals has a negative ring to it. It means giving up, submitting or acquiescing. This, however, is not what the true meaning of surrendering to God is at all. We invite you to watch Marianne Williamson as she talks about how surrendering to the will of God is a loving and empowering…
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