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If we want to experience increased financial abundance in our lives, we need to talk about it with the feeling tone that it has already manifested.

We need to talk about it, to it, and from it

Changing any habit is hard work. Yet, moving into the field of Sacred manifestation is perhaps the hardest work there is as we need to be conscious of what vibration we are emitting. Not only from time to time but all of the time. A powerful practice to vibrationally align ourselves with that which we…
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There is only perfect order in the cosmos. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. The Law of attraction truly is the key to Divine manifestation and order, and the vibration of gratitude is the key to the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction – the key to Divine manifestation

Nothing ever happens out of luck, chance, or coincidence. There is only Divine order in the cosmos, and everything that manifests adheres to this order. Which is why an understanding of the Law of Attraction, as well as the law of gratitude, is an absolute must for anyone seeking to become a conscious participant in…
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Becoming a Divine Creator is aligning our vibration with the law of attraction and the sacred laws that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity

You are a unique Divine Creator- short video

We invite you to enjoy this short video about you being a unique Divine Creator. The beautiful music is by Bernward Koch. It is used by permission of Real Music®. Each of us are inherently a unique Divine Creator. What that means is that we have come here to allow the Love, the beauty and…
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Dream the Life that you desire and you will live the dream. This is conscious manifestation, aligning with the sacred laws and the order in the cosmos

Dream the Life to live the dream

There is nothing but Divine Order in the cosmos. Nothing ever happens out of chance, or luck, or coincidence. There is only cause and effect. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. The sacred laws are as impersonal as they are immutable – which means that we need to truly dream the life if we are…
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Breathe and Receive fully knowing that all of your needs are met always and forever. Know that God is forever for you never against you, always and forever.

Breathe and Receive – Heaven is right here

Do you oftentimes pray for God to give you this or that? Or do you believe that the good that you desire is somewhere out there. And that you cannot get it unless God gives it to you? If so, if you are waiting for God to come around, you will be waiting for a…
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Many people get stuck at the level of asking. They have not yet learned that asking is not enough. They need to be allowing in order to receive.

Allowing is the tricky part in receiving

As we embark upon the path of sacred manifestation, we eventually come to realize that we are not here to make anything happen but simply allow that which is happening to happen in and through us. However, allowing is not as easy as it sounds. Ask and you shall receive On the spiritual path, we…
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That which we want, on a human level, is sometimes very different from what we need - on a soul level

We always get what we need, not necessarily what we want

We are all infinite beings of love & light. Spiritual, vibrational beings made in the image and likeness of God. We don’t have a soul, but we are a soul. We have incarnated here on earth to learn, to grow and to unfold. To release that which hinders and blocks us from radiating the pure…
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If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

What are you vibrating in harmony with?

If you have followed our previous posts and messages you have probably heard us talk about how all is energy vibrating with different frequencies. This goes for everything in our physical world, but it also goes for our inner mental and emotional worlds. All is vibrations Our thoughts are units of mental energy. Some thoughts…
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Becoming a Divine Creator is aligning our vibration with the law of attraction and the sacred laws that manifestation happens with ease, grace and dignity

Becoming Divine Creators – the creative process

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, featured in various movies and talked about by various individuals. Now the Law of attraction really is a linguistic convenience, as nothing comes to us but everything radiates and emerges from within us. As vibrational messages that the sacred laws pick up on. In this article…
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Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

If you are reading this post you may know that there are universal laws governing our cosmos. You may have heard expressions and statements such as, “we are creating our reality all of the time“.  “That which you think about comes into manifestation.” Thoughts are an attractive force.”Things don’t just happen, they happen just.” Or…
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