Category: spiritual beings

You are not your thoughts nor your emotions

On the path of growth and unfolding we encounter many challenges One of them  to not get dragged into the emotional hell caused by our ego. The ego has a tendency to form opinions and then subsequently rigidly defend these opinions. The thoughts of the ego, based upon fear, worry and doubt will bring us…
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You are a spiritual being (NOT) having a human experience

This post is to help shed some alternative perspective on the much used phrase: you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not your body How easy it is to think of one self as a body, or that is our thoughts that define you. You, however, are not your bodies, you…
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Our worth and value is infinite and constant

God never makes a mistake. God never has do make a do-over. In her infinite love, wisdom and intelligence God gets all things right the first time around. In the light of this it is easy to understand that our worth and value are infinite and constant – never subject to fluctuations. The egoic perception…
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