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If you are curious as to what frequency you are vibrating at simply take a good honest look at your life. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

What are you vibrating in harmony with?

If you have followed our previous posts and messages you have probably heard us talk about how all is energy vibrating with different frequencies. This goes for everything in our physical world, but it also goes for our inner mental and emotional worlds. All is vibrations Our thoughts are units of mental energy. Some thoughts…
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Consciously re-creating the inner reality is tough work, in fact it is really, really tough work, but it can be done through focus and repetition

Consciously re-creating our inner reality is really tough work

As we, along the spiritual path, gradually come to the awareness, that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. That everything radiates from within us – we come to realize that in order for our external conditions to change, we first need to change within. Recreating our inner reality, however is, really tough work. Work…
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An individuals inner reality is their most fundamental inner beliefs; that which they know, that they know, that they know. It is their core vibration.

The inner reality is that which you Know that you Know that you Know

The inner reality, or the subconscious mind as it is called in other places – is that which we know that we know that we know. It is our core beliefs, perceptions and opinions. Our inner reality is the lens through which we view and interpret life. It is our most predominant vibration, determining which…
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If you have seen The Secret or any other movies in that genre you are probably familiar with the Law of Attraction LOA, which is what Bob is explaining here

Bob Proctor: The Search for Meaning, episode 4

In this, the fourth episode in Bob Proctors series The Search for Meaning he moves into the realm of vibrations. Where Bob begin to describe the Law of Attraction, LOA for short The Law of Attraction, LOA All is energy. That’s just another way of saying that all is God. God is energy and energy…
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