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The Dark Night of The Soul, is nothing but a blessing - once we come to realize what it is. The darkness and also known as ego blindness then is truly something to be grateful about, to appreciate.

The Dark Night of The Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul Inevitably along the spiritual path that are times and periods when the Light that used to shine so bright and clear seems to have vanished. It is often referred to as the dark night of the soul or ego blindness. It is as though darkness is all there is.…
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When surrounded by darkness we navigate by the light we once knew

Entering the darkness Inevitably along the path of growth and unfolding, we move into periods of darkness. A place where all that we used to know seemingly has dissolved and vanished. It is like being in room, initially flooded with light and then someone turns off the light. All of a sudden we are surrounded…
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