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Byron Katie – Love in action

An interview with Byron Katie on different aspects of health and spirituality It is beautiful how Byron Katie describes guidance as a tool to be able to be of greater service to others, which is in perfect alignment with what other teachers say: We are not here to get, we are here to give. It…
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Anchored in the Holy Now where we have transcended time - we get to experience Heaven. Not as a far off place, but a state of awareness of the Divine.

The Holy Now is the doorway to heaven

Grounded and anchored in the Holy Now we not only break free from, but we transcend the opinionated egoic mind. It is in the nowness of this moment, where we have transcended time – that we get to experience Heaven. Not as a far off place, but a state of awareness. A state of consciousness.…
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What does surrender to God mean? Watch Marianne Williamsson, beautifully give her description of what surrendering to God entails.

Marianne Williamson – How to surrender to the will of God

Surrendering, to most individuals has a negative ring to it. It means giving up, submitting or acquiescing. This, however, is not what the true meaning of surrendering to God is at all. We invite you to watch Marianne Williamson as she talks about how surrendering to the will of God is a loving and empowering…
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consciousnesses in truth has never been lost upon any of us, it can never be lost upon any of us. It is what we all are in essence. We have simply forgot it

Consciousness emerges when we remove the veil from our eyes

All of spiritual growth is about releasing something; narrow paradigms, limiting perceptions, non-beneficial habits and so forth. Consciousness is already intrinsically there within us, we just need to remove the filters blocking it. All growth is about releasing that which does not serve us Within us, we inherently have all that we need, our souls…
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