Caroline Myss: Choices that can Change your Life

The law of cause and effect states that every effect has a cause and that every cause has an effect. It also states that the same cause produces the same effect and that the same effects have the same causes. We, as humans are never really the originating cause of anything, but we are continuously participating in the infinite and intricately game of cause and effect. We are participating in this game with the choices that we make.

It is said that the ability make a choice is a function of awareness which simply means that the higher the level of consciousness an individual has, the greater ability to make a choice she has.

The beautiful thing about us humans, as the spiritual beings that we are, is that we have been made in the image of God. This, of course does not mean that we have inherited God’s physical traits and appearance, but it means that we have been endowed with the same creative faculty as God which is the ability to think of what we are thinking about, or the ability to think independently of circumstances.

This Divine gift, likewise allows for us to make conscious choices independently of circumstances. Regardless of whatever has happened earlier in our lives, regardless of what is happening right in this moment, regardless of what our egos fear will happen in the future, we have the ability to make a choice, in this moment. A choice that is in alignment with our hearts desires or the vision or intention we have formed for our lives. We are not our thoughts, nor our emotion, we are the spiritual being experiencing them – this is one of the great lessons of life.

Some individual are trapped by their habits of making excuses as to why they cannot make choices now that will take them in another direction. We need to go beyond excuses and take responsibility for our lives and everything in them.

In this video, watch Caroline Myss speak about choices, little as small, and how the seemingly little choices sometimes turns out to be the really big and great choices.

Remember, you always have supreme volition in and over your life. Remember it and give thanks for it – it is a true blessing if we choose to make use of it.

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