Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 7: finding the courage

In this the seventh episode Bob Proctor goes into talking about courage. We have so far learned the self image and how it is either empowering us or inhibits us, we have learned about how to re-create the image to allow for a new self to emerge, but make no mistake about it. As you change, everything around you will change – not always by volition but sometimes by force.

Some of the people we have around us may welcome the new us that is emerging, but some will resist fight almost to the death to keep us in place, to keep us from growing (much in the same way our own egos will resist our growth and unfolding). In order to withstand the, sometimes immense pressure we need courage. Sometimes it may be that we need to muster more courage that we feel we have, we then need to draw upon courage from someplace else other than ourselves.

A number of spiritual practices may come in handy here: The art of Compassion, where we realize that individuals only may act from their present level of awareness and that when the act in a way that is harmful or hostile towards us it is only because of their lack of understanding.

The art of Forgiveness where we release any emotional negativity towards other individual for something they may have done or not done.

Obviously the arts of Affirmative prayer and Visioning where we keep integrating the new self into our inner reality because as it grows stronger and more clear within us, it will have a greater and more powerful foundation to stand upon in the midst of adversity or opposition from others.

Sometimes the challenges of others reacting may be more than we can handle, we may then simply surrender to that and turn to God and say; I can’t do it, please do it through me.

It is well to remember that everything is working for our good; that all of our challenges, every single one is a uniquely designed blessing to help us grow and to become more of our true selves, and so there is never

If you missed the sixth episode of this program you may find it here. The eight episode may be found here.

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