Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 4: improving the self image

In this episode Bob Proctor and his partners keep exploring the self image and it’s role in how we achieve that which we achieve. As stated before, if we want to change anything in our lives we first need to go within and change our inner reality. This is about improving our self image that we may allow for and make welcome even greater and grander things to emerge in and through us.

When we talk about improving it is not really that we need anything better. We are all intrinsically unique and perfect beings and we cannot add anything onto that which we are to make it better. It is more really about releasing that which does not serve us, allowing for greater and grander versions of ourselves to come forth.

We are not here to really make anything happen but only to make welcome (receive) that which is already trying to emerge in and through us but in order for that to happen we need to open ourselves up and vibrationally align ourselves with that which trying to emerge. This is inner work, and it is tough inner work at that. However it needs to be done.

The good thing is that each and every one of us has all that is needed to meet this challenge – and we have it intrinsically. All that is needed is the desire and intention to do so.

If you missed the third episode of this program you may find it here. The fifth episode may be found here.

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