Bob Proctor: what is the law of vibration?

All is energy vibrating with different frequencies

If you are reading this post you probably know that you are a vibrational being. That is that you are an energetic vibration, eternally sending vibrational messages to the world.

Your body is energy, your clothes are energy even your thoughts are units of mental energy. The Law of attraction states that energy vibrating on a specific frequency draws to it and is at the same time drawn to energy with the same vibrational frequency.

So, in order for us to work in harmony with the law of attraction we need to first control our vibration.

Your inner reality dictates your energetic vibration

Our inner reality is that which we know, that we know that we know. Not necessarily on a conscious level but deep down in the hidden crevasses of our subconscious mind. Now it is our predominant vibration that radiates out from us subsequently drawing harmonious experiences into our lives.

If we are not aware of what our inner reality looks like, all we have to do is to take a good honest look at our external realities. They are, cannot ever be, a direct reflection to our inner reality.

Nothing comes into your experience uninvited

That we, through the vibration we are emitting, draw corresponding experiences into our lives  does not mean that we are to blame ourselves for when something bad happens. Although it is true that nothing comes into our experience vibrationally uninvited, it is not our personal fault.

Ignorance is the bad guy. We all have the gift of independent thinking. Our ability to exercising that gift thought correlates to our present level of awareness.

And so, freedom lies in the fact that we may train and strengthen our ability to be conscious of our thoughts. Through the practice of meditation we become still enough to hear our own thoughts, and through the practice of affirmative prayer we may re-create our inner reality. Thus creating new habitual thought patterns.

We are all here to learn to become Divine Creators, which is simply another way of describing that we are here to grow and unfold. Learning to align ourselves to the will of God and to the universal laws are key ingredients to this.

Watch Bob Proctor explain the Law of Vibration in this beautiful video. In this video he offers tools and techniques as to how we may increase our vibration. If you desire additional tools you may find some here.

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