Bob Proctor: Paradigm Shift 2 – Understanding the Power of Paradigms

As the spiritual beings that we all are, we are here to allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge. In order for that to occur we need to change our inner realities or paradigms as Bob Proctor calls them. In order for this to occur we need to form an understanding of what the inner reality is and how we may consciously re-create our inner realities.

We may only manifest that which is a part of our inner reality, and we may never act beyond that which is a part of our inner reality. Now our inner reality may be described as an understanding of who we are, what we are worthy of, capable of, how the world works and so on.

In this lesson, Bob Proctor offers an understanding of how we may consciously expand and alter our paradigms that we may allow for the greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us. There is always something new trying to emerge but for most people they immediately shut that something down due to the egoic projections of fear, worry and doubt. We may though operate beyond the ego, through understanding and through conscious re-creation of our inner reality.

If we want to be free, this is the way to go. We have to let go of procrastination, we need to release our tendency to find excuses for why we cannot do it right now. All of this, we can do though, but we need to always remember that we are not here to make anything happen, we are only here to make welcome that which is already happening.

This is the second part of this mini series by Bob Proctor. You may find the first part here.

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