Bob Proctor: Live Questions and Answering session

The Universe is forever and perpetually answering all of our questions. The thing for most individuals is that they keep getting answers which will not help them grow and unfold. For the average individual there are two obstacles they need to overcome in order to be able to receive empowering answers, answers that will excel their growth and unfolding, moving them forward and upwards.

First they need to ask the right questions. God doesn’t care which questions we are asking – she is perpetually answering all of them. Most people ask limiting and debilitating questions which keep them in the experience of lack and separation, perceiving themselves to be victims of circumstances and other people.

The second obstacle is cultivating the ability to hear the answer. Most people are so trapped in time, so preoccupied with the mental stream of unconscious thoughts that they cannot receive the answers as they come to them. In order to be able to pick up, receive and understand the answering voice of God – in whatever form it takes, we need to tune into the frequency of listening with the ear behind the ear.

We need to form the habit of going online with God, that we may hear the still small voice within us, constantly whispering words of wisdom if we are only open, available and receptive to hear it. It is only when we, from time to time, allow ourselves to step out of time, into the sweetness and stillness of the Holy Now that we are fully open, available and receptive to pick up that which is always being broadcast by God.

Well, are you ready to tune in to one voice of God? If your answer is yes, the join Bob Proctor in this live session where he is answering questions about, among much more, manifestations, abundance, fear and paradigms.

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