Bob Proctor: let’s talk about money

Also The word money carries a powerful emotional charge

For many people the subject of money carries a strong emotional charge. Some people love money and some people hate it. For most people their relation to it is negative. There are few topics that so many people have opinions of as the topic of money.

Most of us are brought up with the perception that there is somehow something bad about money. That being rich and wealthy is not something to strive for.

Money in and of itself, of course is neither good or bad. It is not the having of it that makes bombs and exploits people and the planet. It is in the using of it.

Financial abundance can be a catalyst for change on the planet

Financial abundance, if used to serve the good of all, is a powerful catalyst. It enables an individual to extend their service beyond the their physical  reach. It also allows for an individual stabilize their life, to move beyond the struggle just make ends meet. Having more money then absolutely needed frees up time and energy to be of service of God instead.

Bob Proctor is one of our times great teachers when it comes to human behavior and potential. For over a half decade has he been teaching people, among other things how to change their perception of what money is and how we can allow it to flow freely into our lives.

As with all else, how much abundance we receive is a direct reflection of what our inner reality looks like. It is the predominant vibration we radiate that draws into our lives all that we experience. We need, not only to ask for abundance, but we need to prepare a place for it as well. We need to give ourselves permission to live abundantly. Also we need to release and let go of all the inhibiting thoughts that blocks the good of God to flow into our lives.

Listen to Bob Proctor as he shares his thoughts on abundance, and even more on how to change our income to allow more abundance to flow into our lives. He explains in depth of the Law of Compensation.

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