Bob Proctor – Financial abundance radiates from within

The subject of money and financial abundance is a very sensitive topic to most people. For some reason most of us humans have come to perceive money as something bad or negative and often we refer it to some religion or another.

God (who is not religious, by the way) have no desire or see no benefit or value in people being poor, living in lack and scarcity. In fact, living in poverty is totally contradictory to what God desires for us, and to the purpose for our incarnation here on earth.

Let’s review that purpose for a moment. In short, we are here to know God and to express God. Knowing God is having increasing insights and realizations as to what God is; that God is all, is in all and is in everything. That’s knowing God.

Expressing God is continuously allowing ourselves, our gifts, talents and abilities to come into greater and grader versions. Since we and God are one, expressing more of ourselves means expressing more of God. That is expressing God.

Now in order to be able to express more, we need to have stability in our lives that we may turn our attention away from merely making it and surviving to growing and unfolding. Finance is one of the areas in which we need this stability. Financial abundance then offers a greater possibility to express more of God. It is only through the use of money that we can be and do more than we are today and since God is forever for us never against us we literally have a mandate from God to enjoy financial abundance.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money, there is nothing wrong with being rich. There are sometimes said that money is the root of all evil, that is not correct. The root of evil is ignorance, of who and what we are and why we are here.

So enjoying financial abundance is in perfect alignment with the desire of God, and as we have been describing before, through the means of energetic vibrations, everything radiates from within, from our inner realities. If an individual desires to transform poverty and lack into abundance and opulence they need to first re-create their inner reality of what money is, of what God’s idea of money is, and their own worth and value.

Watch Bob Proctor in this video as he talks about money and how to create financial freedom.

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