Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 8: increasing awareness

Our purpose here on this planet, as the spiritual beings having a human incarnations that we are – is not to keep doing the things we have always done and do them the way we have always done it. That is not growth, it is not even standing still – that is going backwards. Since the rest of the cosmos is constantly moving forward according to the evolutionary impulse of the universe. Our purpose is to, continuously, come into a greater awareness of who and what we are (what God is) and what we are capable of.

As we increase our awareness of the nature of our True Selves, that we all have infinite potential locked up inside us, that we are limitless beings and that we in fact are here to unleash this infinite and limitless potential that we may allow ourselves to come into forever greater and grander expressions. Surrendering to that which is trying to emerge in and through us is becoming a Divine Creator.

In this quest, God is always for us, never against us, guiding and leading us along the path of unfolding.

In this the eight episode of Bob Proctors program You Were Born Rich, Bob brings this point home in a beautiful way.

If you missed the seventh episode of this program you may find it here. The ninth episode may be found here.

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